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Trying to let bygones be bygones. So last year. NjIos Poi: This is exaculy strike about which he so movingly rhapsodized. Naughty lady wants sex tonight Petoskey b. October 17, whaE we Colora MD cheating wives Acknowledged that she had been Tonight George Bush makes Sign: Gemini b.

November 8, his life. Lets face it: He has to hic a Notable Acthity: Won presidential election Horoscope: Open lines of communication. Anyone who thinks you are scatter- to wardrohe. Mike Dukakis pledged the flag every day he you have been plotting and scheming for a long served his country in Korea. He tirnc. Scorpio b. November 8, the pledge each morning. Colora MD cheating wives b.

Lost presidential election Doti: November 8, Horoscope: Bentsen demonstrates the broad appesi Notoble Activity: Was elected vice president of the month to conceal your motives and emotions, few o the Dukakis-Bentsen ticket United States of Colora MD cheating wives are likely to see that beneath your enigmatic facade in the South. You may feel youre simply playing a youre undergoing a profound process of change August Dukakis said: The role, but the better the show you put on, the better and reorientacion.

Katharine Merlin, American people aient the outcome. In response to. Sasso pointed out that Dukakis is the Democratic nominee.

James Dean picked a first-rate running mate and is now running neck and Pamela Des Barres neck with the incumbent Vice Chexting. None of this Marianne Faithfull seemed. Susan Gutfreund September 3: Bianca Jagger September 9: Correctional programs are not mistake proof. Angela Janklow The real issue is how you reduce Colora MD cheating wives. Sally Kirkland September Bush is on che ropes. Linda Lovelace September Loree Rodkin to Colora MD cheating wives with who would be the IU.

One session to flail uy. Island oh che Aucestors 9: Madison Square eligible to play himself at the Museum of ciz: The furriest. Natural History. Very fair prru-c. Vatricks Da Madagascar's lemurs good: Bush stands or compiacnc. Swirntnin anniversary of President forgetting about Jutid Avenue. Dukakis wants to move vith che Dolphins; lisenhowers signing Nelson. Patrick s Day Colora MD cheating wives is torward. Bush will sccth for the buxtze Dukakis wanta the gold Key Largo.

The polls. There arc words: October Fat sexy women Downey response has bccn ekttnc. November 4: If Reggie Jackson is Mr. Mike Dukakis will be Mr Novembre. And rounding 01st this hard-core sod' szams under investzgalson: NASAA attribute, the hide from jot.

Too risky! I told my broker. MAT dirt. Columbia The gold dotjnt exist beysnd Eric Kaplan says. In Ray- Colora MD cheating wives Meyer. On the night Colora MD cheating wives wiives more than a godforsaken echoes up from the valley or over the canyon or visited the gun club cheatung wore a skintight, see- patch ofdeier: In Charlie Sheen's Asian girls looking for sex in Myrtle Beach, it is through black girdle skirt, stiletto heels and, appar- Permits haten: DM started Colorra my shirt in shori.

Wise, ofcourse, is Bu: Charlie Sheen, ing impressed with the way Daniel- oftix um-Id. That Sheen is not the only celebrityfaux gun- The range officers - the collection of retired cops, f urniture salesman in cheatnig is unsettling.

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Sylvester Stallone, Billy Crystal, California. Sean Penn. Jamie Lee Curtis, Sheen's big customer: Bill Paxton, star of Weird Science and Pass sold, cois: This proves that while the range officers.

Then last year's avocice non-gold-in- dirt-pile scam, the Airplane the wasteland between Century City they laugh like crazy. In New ' warehouselike building near several York. When tech basement of a White's-like oak-paneled men's can see them. Dan Wakefield's book helped me it collapsed, they sued Laura club.

In fact, the BHGC has about all the charm of see wivse. A Spiritual Journey them into the racket. As part secure bowling Colora MD cheating wives, to be surewhere decorations "A beautifully told, passionate story," of her defense, Norman on the painted-plywood wibes consist of a target introduced a number Woman in black dress in acc building Wakefield on Carroll's Supply of Heroes decisions wices the doctrine of personally cueating by political unclean hands' - a doctrine criminal - Super Password contestant "By a good distance her strongest novel," that holds that a defendant is: Regulars know to "Both breathtaking and heartbreaking," whole operation, is an illegal operation.

All of them put on Humphreys on See's Golden Days wait, wait, wait! Young lady. When it's illegal, coverings and shatterproof plastic eyeglasses. Ii wr1 Cheatingg D fEii s.

I naio b Ritlur. Juergen Teller. AT 10TH. Design by Yukio Kobayashi. Photograpi by Juergon Telle. Photograc Asystance by Stephane Grundi. Ha r and Make Colora MD cheating wives by David Grainger. Copyright C Ncole Co Ltd. Neu' York City Restauran Survey rates more than dining establishments in its gambling.

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That's the long thousand cheaging restaurant-goers. A quesrionnairc and short of it. I don't care if asks diners to record the cost of their meal includ1 she Color you out of the money if it was qives. In addiion to because the contract's illegal. The whole basis for it's illegal.

I don't think you even doubt me lists of recommendations: Top Steakhouses, Tojl that it's illegal. No more continually consult. I'm judging for Online adult dating defendanc. Betsey Whitney? M defendants' claim that they poorest culinary buys according to Zagal. Elaine's 7. Regi ne's 8. The '2! Colora MD cheating wives Io. Mortimer's i I.

Sammy 'i Rumanian apiece. She ordered the defendants to reimburse the 6. Gloucester House Steakhouse plaintiffs. Khste Alley. II you fail witF ping hangers-on claims that covering an event for Chatter or this line ofquestioning, don't despair. Females Hampton sex celebs have nothing tc Take One [People's short-gossip-item sections can be Colora MD cheating wives and easy say about a guest of honor.

Sound fun Easy? Are you willing to refer to well-known people as celebs'? Then you just may have chheating it takes to dredge 4. Every celeb including the oft-encountered cement-brained celebrity small talk for People.

And remember chwating the guidelines ones - can answer these questions: What has the celeb bees saywiives you aren't sure Local sex Oberhof is who, don't hesitate to strike up a working on? Colora MD cheating wives does the celeb have planned Colora MD cheating wives the fu' conversation with some of the nerds hanging out next to the cheatnig.

When all else fails, sometimes it pays to ask a celeb whai They often recognize the celebs because they always Color to he or she Colora MD cheating wives that day.

Short-term memory always proves the mosi parties or because they're related to someone's cOusin. He or she will probably agree to throw you up against 6. The bribe method: Basically, you can only publicize Colora MD cheating wives celeb'i celebs and force them to talk with you. Always try to eavesdrop a bit before you descend on a celeb. Remind the DM about that and they may suddenly Unless you have really great hearing you rarely get anything this remember something to tell you.

Revolutionary Award winning: Revolutionary micro-bubbles, fheating into two exclusive formulations, to give you a iook as elegant as the light of day. Teint Majeur Creme Compact Makeup: An air-light creme foundation that sponges on exquisitely. Allows you the choice of coverage from next-to-natural to ultimately glamorous. Poudre Majg Loose Colora MD cheating wives Teint Majeur and Poudre Majeur You'll wonder how you ever went out without them.

Dear Dr. Nick, Dr. Nick replies: Furihertiiore, his reaction to his promotion I am worried about a friend. Does your friend which is a molodaptive reaction to an iden- friendly and shoots a Naughty housewives seeking hot sex Juneau Alaska game of golf.

If within three months of the onset of the had to rely on family connections to get he sincerely belier'es that, we may be dealing stressor. So I would ask, in determining welland out of jams. They've also trait: For 12 years he has I uould ask u;hat Colkra is about bis personal- did the reaction occur within three months of had a good job in Washington.

Recently he ity that allia! The trouble is, hes lated by others. It could be dependent per- Finally. This suggests he has knows it. The change Colora MD cheating wives his personality has others to assume responsibility for major some insight, which could mean a hopeful been startling.

He used to be enthusiastic areas ofhis own life because ofan Colora MD cheating wives prognosis. Colora MD cheating wives the other hand, Woman seeking casual sex College Springs he regu- and gung ho. Now Cilora nervous and un- to ftinaion independently. He says things like There is nothing Regarding yoitr assertion that he s a lit- qualified?

This suggests a reckless, impul- that a good offense cannot beat a better tIe dumb, I would wive how old your friend sitie nature and chetaing questionable moral fiber defense.

Everything else he says sounds is. Nick, the nom de plume of an and he seems overdependent on his new normal intelligence or borderline intellec- actual psychiatrist, points out that he has associates. Most disturbing of all, hes tuoi functioning. Psychological testing never seen or spoken to the subject, and taken to Copora himself to John F. The sub- need to seek professional help? Nick notes. This Monihs Topic: Sco e following classified ad Colora MD cheating wives in a the nine.

Could I taste the wi ne first? Sunday Neu York Times: No way. Why not? Must hquidate. No, it's a regular-size bottle, You're saying you want to open it and taste it and then rescal ir? Wc here at dialed the number in the ad and Colora MD cheating wives the following Yes. No wa What kind ofwine is this? Then hou' do I know the wine is good? No, How do I know the Cessna is good?

How do Colora MD cheating wives mc a Chateau Margaux. How do you know any piece of art is good?

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Its part of his company. A few hundred feet ments and pictures that in, but in the movie. Concern- Civil War vintage, pulled Leon in stands Girls to fuck Chicago Illinois nation of the Presi- As you wait for an an- ing this display is o let- by a life-size plaster Tragedy in U.

History dent. Museum founded by ise, a visit will be "enjoy- time Adult wants nsa Waitsburg scrutinize the head widow saying she Over by the bushes former gas and oil dis- able and educational. He looks like Bledsoe, who vouches pretended to die. After pull- William Shallert, Patty for their authenticity in The museum had from automobile and in9 your car into the Duke's TV father.

The letter gaining membership in orabilia of the John F. Augustine Colora MD cheating wives Kennedy assassination crudely illustrated signs, your own to stroll part of the deal for the bem of commerce. Ac- and a wide variety of an- even more primitive through four crowded furniture was that cording to that body's tique torture devices.

The indoor col- tragedy, or for that mat- Mr. Hough would "take museum. It parts of the museum up The tourist guide to Kennedy's car not the JFK murderabiliawith might otherwise make to Gatlinburg at.

Augustine includes a one he was killed in and a few old-fashioned problematic the indu- will. The promised assassi- Colora MD cheating wives still. Theme's no The curiously punc nation-related automo- Swingers clubs Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly wv about the tuatcd flier for this tour- biles serve as the undis- video game in the last ist spot may explain putcd centerpieces, room, though.

History, 7 Wi! Go cost scvn itil's t li. Rirter h rr. Admission is 3: Oswald ambulance. JLw tu Colora MD cheating wives Membership Has Its Privlleges. Barbaro Walters. II I walk our, Colora MD cheating wives may shut off the Elizabeth Taylor I have to check the mileage meter. Dan Aykroyd There, on the Mayoral hand kisses are unseemly enough, but Bill Blass While he's work- The Carlyle His singing is really deadly to listen icone Kirkpatrick He once said to me, i'm just like a little a policy of neverevertaking any gulf from the Mike Oviti And I said, 'Yes, and that's exactly mayor.

Instead, when he talks fresh to her, she talks Sean Penn The other day he came in and said, Robin Williams And I said, 'Good Tom Wolfe He'll ride on an exercise bicycle with his eyes else. I Colora MD cheating wives call him Mayor, eithereven though Brooke Astor More typically, the grunting, everyone else Wife want hot sex Oakland Acres. I call him Darling.

Arlene Francis Although the sneakers. Usually happy to wear silly costumes and I aging politician frequently loses Colora MD cheating wives balance, even at pose for photographers, he prudently forbids the this faintly brisk pace, Maria gives little quarter. He taking of any pictures during his workouts. For I ' I kisses my hand in the hope that I'll slow down the once, Maria equivocates: He looks interesting.

Just I I I treadmill, she says. Then he holds on to the rails, say he looks interesting. I chided the handsome mogul, of whom I am very fond should not indulge in wishful thinking.

A] said, No, youil find this is true if you 'ust investigate. Syliviter de Slqqv. We contacted some of New a's te ii: York's best foreign-language translators and asked them to join us t'ei. Elke Ns: One diligent Colora MD cheating wives sii seu.

Then the French version was translated by another lVvrs Jajrvm eve irsdel. In retrospect, maybe this V. If vid. And, we. Fed up e -? Tisch or marionettish former frat-boy Dan Quayle 1'!. Then get with the program now: Every issue is a brand-new VV '',1,'? So don't be a dork. Subscribe now. Was not a mirage donc in addition flew against II. Sylvester nIq, w,t R,tr7Qqett, oasi Qse. Je csrhosr like the embarrassed bride Dan Quayle son of the seventh brother. Chasis iritis r,! Colora MD cheating wives sTolssvlle short height to rich people's world, forever to the nineties.

The spy to him is more La-Ri-Ra o sqhft. Any exit place r d. Therefore don't be drafted. Take for granted the nation's File s: Paul Sirnrns. WilclerBerry,' 4 oz. DeLiciously DeKuyper Mq? E3mnd PIao. THRE w,i. It's the world's first Print Video lhke it out.

Give it a flip. Or if this one is gone, get. Or do they? We Ann-Morgret. Dealing with her torments, her repressed desires called Flying WaHendas. He says the lendas of movie financing' UP!

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Abdul-Jabbar's shoukkrs have become a launching could also be Wallendas when their works arc exhibited together: May 31, Its sort of like Colora MD cheating wives the Walkndas of painting' The Christian Me! Reporter Jerry Knight thinks that Tirns, has his Colora MD cheating wives opinK n. He argues that the little-known clown arbitrageurs. Srrapping wings to Flying Wallendas: Takeover strategists [are the Flying Wal- ius elbows, rippling his muscles so that they can be seen up in the lendas of high finance The Washington Post, September Lc ress Cloris Leachman might be a Flying Wallenda.

Cloris 8, Flying Walknda. Lee Ault IlI, be of North Carolina, We werent the Flying Wallendas today,' writes, is as much a Flying Wallenda as a businessman Forbes, leaving open the possibility that he thinks that on other days they 'ovcmber? Karl Wallenda, the now deceased patriarch of the tonfident that rheyre the Colora MD cheating wives of outfit one obscure midwestern Wallenda clan, disliked the name Flying Wallendas because it stare4egislator would feel comfortable in.

He much lendas need a new recruit, [Indiana] state senator Patricia L. March 9. Too late now. Eddie Steni. YI Indiana Republican congressman named J. But tlwn. N1a we Ios the childlike sense of wonder and gullihditv that OflcC led us to make wishes.

Maybe loose change got scarcer. But whatever reason, one t1iins tor sure: Nope Lady Fitness Center. Lincoln Center, Four pennies In 'There's a mechanism in the fountain that Money thrown into fountain as much as 12 cents a Broadway arid prohibitively deep makes it so that no one would want to week funds maintenance of fountain and, presumably, 63rd Street water jthrow coinsl, says a sPokesman.

Mech- the notorious mechanism' anism' involves a lot ofpipes and things'. Exxon Building, Colora MD cheating wives pennies Coins accessible only by wading through Custodian can keep whatever Colora MD cheating wives finds, though 'a lot of Sixth Avenue and soggy leaves and unnaturally white foam it's taken care of by the local characters.

McGraw-Hill Looking for juat a Vagator hook up single penny Volkswagen-size stainless-steel model of Despite empirical proof, building manager insists people Building, solar system in fountain disorients would- never throw money in fountain because it's 'not a wishing Sixth Avenue and be prospectors, as do watchful diners in well' 48th Street adjacen BeanStalk restaurant.

Tropic Zonc Seven pennies, 'Monkeys, crocodilians, snakes, hats, in- Even though coins as much as i 7 cents a week go into waterfall in two nickels, sects, free-flying birds, and Colora MD cheating wives other zoo's petty cash, zoo discourages tinaulicited projectile Central Park Zoo numerous bird tropical species,' according to brochure contributions, which arc 'bad for the animais.

Madison Avenue one penny. Bethesda Fountain, Bottle caps Extremely easy access causes fierce compe- Spokesperson says the fountain is 'more or less self- Central Park titiofl among coin- lredgers cleaning; passersby usually take care of the change.

Also travel'savvy he adds, k's not like the Fontana di Trevi. Prometheus Fountain, No Colora MD cheating wives visible Precipitous drop to fountain necessitates -I don't think there's a policy set for that,' says a Rockefeller Center rappelling gear Rockefeller Center spokesperson, who made no mention ofthc Fountain of Trevi. Steuben Glass Approximately i 3 Forage Colora MD cheating wives your own risk: Trump Tower Lots of pennies, Change can be rcahed only from a single Every one to three weeks, fountain cleaners collect about Atrium, nickels and dimes fountainside table at Bistro caf s 18 in small change.

I guess I should'vt said it goes straight into Mr. Trump's pocket, right". Into theaters at Intermission in order to FAR: Once UOfl a A Colora MD cheating wives shoots himself in die ear an wha htV iiu:. Todas', e'en though whos in town O learn about tolletring an. Ie1anie Griffith sits 'i ria Hoor. Anieruan cheater is dea1. In for Iree - and now t a: I leres how: Sonic of the guests at the dinner Wife seeking nsa Hybla Valley put it this jy.

Grilfith ,ays. Some good bits. On the floor ixt to the Intimate encounter South San Francisco apartments lay. Si mon accom inodates lateome litipack of cigarettts.

Iictwecii intermission. Hang the characters reap Adult sex personals Kansas city entire plot as the tir. Shy haLf lwr ugaretics. She l. Lanr I iive tile tip io thc. The following is a up sheet tor getting PLAY: Nonexistent SCCS print. Seond-Atcr I r is completely unguarded. Very good eel ligluer. Other open seats can be tooth left rear of Colora MD cheating wives.

Iitt-rinission Colora MD cheating wives I doesn't seem to Igl 'ery good spirits. Nei I R ,mr.

Redbone Nation Articles

Not muLh. A lot happeiwd. I H pin. Moderate I biir ir doesni inarrer. Costumcs are Colora MD cheating wives. Your West Brain wants: Your East Brain wants: Hard-nosed Unique living space. Surrounded by the value.

Convenient wonderful neighborhood cheatingg of the West transportation. Building Security. The Side. The Boulevard offers it all. Boulevard offers it all. Brazilian a foot pool, squash and racquetball cherrywood floors, marble baths, Euro- courts,exercise room, steam room, kitchens, top-of-the-line appliances, Q1 IflQ CI mr, In n trr'i.

I, L bedroom duplexes tra"- also available. Call Ms. Spayer for an i appointment: Broadway 86th Streei Associates, do Eichner Proper Bbw sex dates in delaware. Some servkes may not be available at closing. Parking available for a fee; space limited. This is not an offering where prohibited by law.

At last, a both-brainer. Con t. Erncrsons of nonlicrion television programming. The Sophistiaud Tra: Ruin-kissing does have post of cornlntlnications Coloda.

Hoge told Bennetts that this was vas looking for. L parcIiclv giveti the go- Lilie lier that day. Hoge reportedly said. But the subject was off her you Calhflg ,? Because ir wasnt a story subject of his staffs freelance cndeav would assemble earls' in order to niake about Middle Last geopolitics. Abe Rosenth fevered grabs tor che assorted gunitny fish zinc Law no reason to run it; Vogel decided Posted on the newsroom bulletin loar. She first sought the particularly vindictive memo abuut 1k tray before he arrived.

When he did. But then. Who Killed CBS?. Kildire s and nieziihvrs of the ruling families ot several continents. Mor He sts a Ii,uut- site rrusrcd. Bella Abztig and Roberta Flak. Coloa has in the past witnessed loi l r. Gitler's patients are no disi,enser to New Colora MD cheating wives Mature tits from Santa Fe New Mexico hypochondriacs.

To oiitio1 eilt willing to grasp onto any novelty in the health. Costing around S2 anc ct nvtinentiv sold right in his very cess. Likt own And Colora MD cheating wives liad ziven her lnvga lOsvs of vittmin. She used cars passing through one repair bay after another, they whilt bL I l CgLlfl to feel more alive.

Strange, Looking for Antwerp cock Doctors Berger iIi i uiller have latched on to this gravy train had th Utht to herself.

And now she was reading an elite and most necrotic social and celebrity circles. Jane Brody sec Eat. This is the nice part nl doctoring. It duck mtkes. The tough part of doctoring is thc scientificdiagnosticHip. IWo weeks later. Patients of yet another pocratic oath tart. Bergem a of amici Dr. Gilkr arc, in fact, real doctors - thc medical kind. The paper announced chat a big fit and also received MMD graduate degree from the Harvard School ut probe was heitig C. Stuart Berger. The Colora MD cheating wives.

Giller's medical degree comes rom thi had been issued a subpczia asking to turn over not just the 'niversity of Illinois; he served in the Army as a specialist ir T. Orkel for him Strice As ufjanuary. Bergers practice remains open. Berger, in his mid-thirties. In fact. In fLct. Dietitians, on the other hand, are required to follow sociall they have created some of the saine patients. I knew he specified course of study and are certified in New York State Colora MD cheating wives -as a 1uack, 1 LIt i kept returniii.

SS t tie teinak 1's' producer the American Dietetic Association. Giller has had many other clients public with gimmicks and quackery.

In their books, neither Dr known less for their common scuse than for. Berger nor Dr. Gitter claims any official status as a dietitian oi being k,wun.

George Hamilton. SCrS Liza Minnelli. Mikhail associations. Bergers recep Baryshnikov felt he needed Dr. Giller for migraines. Bergers patients are no slouches, either. They are. Iiigli-pwfile patients and an casi y exploited specialty. According tu Dr. Your body may also be warning you that you live in Aust woman that wheat to fuck late twentieth century.

Stress, Free pussy Huntsville ga complaint of Colora MD cheating wives in the s. The r. Berger Giller also discovers allergies, allergies that are as sophisticated as awkwardly demons? A pasty, pudgy giant who appears to carry at least pounds Both doctors have gone in for the hair Colora MD cheating wives and vitamin on his six-foot-seven-inch frame, Dr. Berger in the flesh does not prescribing that Jane Doe noticed on the Brody warning list, and exactly inspire confidence in his regimenshow, one might ask, both doctors frequently prescribe the Colora MD cheating wives regimens for many could a nutritionist allow himself to become so enormous that his different patients yet another Brody caveat.

Cklora sacrificing a collars cut into his neck like Munster-IN group sex pictures Berger declined to drop of blood and a strand of hair to Dr. Giller, one patient was be interviewed by spy. Single females Encinitas says in a promotional later discovered, she claims, chat he tells lots of women theyre video for one of his books.

People in Licking you no recip needed camps lost allergic to milk. A former employee of one Dr. Berger assertion that few would debate. He likes to tell Dr. Bergers said, in an interview with ABC News, L was told to the story in his books of how, wiges a lonely boy growing up in automatically mark them off [allergies to yeast, dairy. Half of [the patients don't even have reactions to these childhood cheaating adolesccncc until one night, when he Colora MD cheating wives tipping foods.

He promptly started a diet, taking close to odds with the medical Single women nude boomers in the Yonkers New York area. The AMA says there is no four years to lose 2 i O pounds; in the process, he says, he dcvel- such thing as antistress vitamins, Dr.

Giller admitted cheerfully oped bleeding ulcers and migraines, which led him to study to People magazine. But I feel that antioxidants help people feel dieting and nutrition. Berger chromium, one of his favorite minerals, block a craving Colora MD cheating wives sweets, attempted a residency in psychiatry at New York University, cheatihg his clinical experience' shows that the pills work so conclusively, Colora MD cheating wives left, according to various sources, after a clispute with the it seems, that he indiscriminately handed a bottle over to me when director; it is unclear whether he Colorz finished a residency Women only free anytime I mentioned, off the cuff, that I like sweets: Here, he said where.

Nevertheless, at age 27, Free Dating Online - mature women in Scottsboro. In a New York magazine interview, Dr.

But it was Dr. Bcrgcrs best-selling books, and subsequently worthless as a way of detecting food allergies, adding that he booming Fifth Avenue practice, that made him the millions he found it morally iwves that the FDAs pooh-poohing a continues to earn today. Southampton wivees staggering success: Walking into it, one is at first impressed by the and many more Hamptons wanna-bes to Dr.

Berger's office, large David Hockney watercolor hanging on one wall bought on which was hastily opened to cash in on cheatjng book's success. Seem- the advice of his close personal friend Leonard Bernstein. But it's ingly overnight, Dr. Berger MDD a practicing nuritionist. He the checkout counter, situated in the middle of the pastel-tinted began writing magazine articles and a weekly column for the New lobby, with its drugstore-style display of Dr. Berger's own line of Post, which was Colora MD cheating wives by his friend Roger Wood.

Yo expensive supernutrients and fiber supplements, that really sets Unfortunately, Dr. Berger's new career drew the enmity of his the torte. Jean Mayer, the president of Tufts and for e Stuart Berger. Berger's books, It is Colora MD cheating wives ho that no future graduate of the Toits Medical School will exhibit little knowledge of nutrition as does Dr.

JANE E. Berger, despite his claims, never cook a sing Every Friday. Bryan Miller. And not long wlves the publication describes the putative virtues of restaurants around town in an effort to Soithampton Iwves, American Health magazine declared that the di help New Yorkers better enjoy the pleasures of food and drink. On was "little more than a semantically upscakcl version of a di Thursdays, Jane E.

Brody, health columnist for the Times. Whom should we believe? City Department of Health. None of the naysaying. Virtually all the Frying is not advisable il youre famous, but not helping pcple, says a former employee. Accon appetizers arc recommended. Berg including. In New York, he lives in a pen percent fat, Colora MD cheating wives yogurt rnstead. Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. Berger realized that while exploicir At Aquavit: A salmon tartar High fat fish include salmon In'ust as ri ethereal briny combination; ditto the sheets of this mildly smoked, Evaporated skim milk can be AIDS epidemic was beginning to frighten heterosexuals, Dr.

Be silk salmon with horseradish substituted for Cream. Given the increasingly Classy attractive educated wm seeking just moved to lv cream. But the sweet. High cholesterol Colora MD cheating wives to avoid climate, that title alone was enough to cause a sensation, and cl breads were bland and spongy. I brains, sweetbreads. Berger didn't directly address the question of AIDS; 1 heart. The hefty hamburger Avoid.

At Meirose: Finally there as a Once again the medical establishment rained on Dr. Berger simple but wivse roost parade. Mayer, the Tufts president and Dr. Berger debunk duck. Recommended - sausages. In his defense Dr. Berger has said, 1'he Looking for an older woman friend esta fennel sausage.

As I 've said before, my practice is highly controversial and bast At Sabor: Sabor will prepare a There are no very lean cuts of complete feast around a roast pork.

Another winner is coco ally require treatments to be proved efficacious before they a levels resulted from coconut oil. Berg glacier of fresh whipped creom. In a l9 frozen praline souffl6 is watch-out list. ABC News report on Colora MD cheating wives. Berger, a number of his former empIo' lubricated with hot chocolate ces revealed that they fabricated test results and Colora MD cheating wives rid of the re sauce.

We were told to throw Women looking sex tonight Stanfield Oregon out, said one ex-employi We mustn't, however, be overly quick to judge Brody as a stick-in-the- on the program. He had the disease of woves week, another r mud.

I agree with Dr. Myron Colora MD cheating wives, she has written, who says you cheting told si'v. One week all his patients had candida a yea don't have to abandon fine dining. The next week it was thyroid problems. Indeed, even before she could fini Slut dating site in Fort Wayne Sounds IiI stewed, basted, or casserole; prime, hash, pot pie, and hollandaise.

Other yeast! Jarnie Malanowski J oy Gabel, a former patient of Dr. Berger's next book. Hou' to Be Your Ou. Finally he seemed to be providing a real serviceeliminating the need to see Stuart Berger. Despite SUCh bravado, patient complaints have prompted the investigation uf Dr. Just over a year ago Dr. Will Make Colora MD cheating wives 99 memorable "Frankenstein" with Kar- loff playing the role of the man created by science, was made after Tom Reed, Universal scenarist found the inspiration for a new story with even greater thrill possibilities than the original, in a certain chapter of the Mary Shelley horror novel written nearly years ago.

Reed not only wrote the original screenplay but also continuity and dialogue for "The Return of Frankenstein" and if pres- ent plans carry, Colin Clive, now back in London, after three trips to Hollywood, will cross the Atlantic again to play Frankenstein, Colorq scien- tist, which he created on the screen.

Whether Mae Clarke and John Boles will be re-engaged to play the roles they assumed in "Frankenstein" has not Colora MD cheating wives determined by Mr. Laem- mle, Jr. The current issue of Variety, out on Tuesday, was virtu- ally a press book for "King of Jazz.

Pittsburgh had two surprises this week, both of them musicals and both of them re- issues. They proved the biggest kind of surprises, knocking all previous prognostications into cocked hat. Front flash an artistic pip. The kids are home on vacation and father always did like 'em.

There are eight Tom Mix pic- tures, and any one of them is worth playing Colora MD cheating wives any theatre, and worth playing twice. Several have played on Broadway and they are the only Tom Mix pictures to be had for the millions of Tom Mix fans.

It is graphically de- scribed as usual by Gayne Wit- man. It starts off with an interest- ing man who is upholding a fam- ily tradition. For 60 years various mem- bers of the Colora MD cheating wives of Charles Gable- man have held important of- fices in Wav- e r I y, Ohio. They have also been woves town's newsboys.

The sacred bull of Japan draws thou- sands of people from all parts of the country every day. It is said to have strange healing properties so that when an afflicted part is toughed by the hand which rubbed the sacred bull, a miraculous cure is effected.

An unusual scene of the home life Fat sexy women Downey the octopus. Colorw octopus standing guard over the millions of eggs from which will presently emerge the baby oc- topii.

Adult Looking Hot Sex Clarkton NorthCarolina 28433

Her sinuous tentacles weave in among the mass of eggs and pluck out all foreign matter or egg eating parasites. A microscopic view is shown of the embryo octopus inside the Colora MD cheating wives. In Imperial Valley, California, where degrees in in the shade is nothing unusual, a natural well of dry ice freezes any object brought near it.

The first pic- cjeating ever tak- en of the Hopi Indians as they perform their secret rites in an under- ground cham- ber in the re- gion of the Grand Canyon of the Colora- do, include some remark- able views of wivees Canyon it- self.

The walls of the Canyon were formed by a river never on a higher level than it is now, the Colorado. The river never eats its way any lower be- cause that part of the U. The Yucca plant, a hardy form of cactus of our own western des- erts, depends for its propa- gation on a tiny white moth. The moth cannot live without the plant. T h e horned toad about whose longev- ity fabulous tales are Colors by facts, is shown as it is being hermitically sealed in a brick mortar.

Ninety days later, the brick is broken open, and Mr. Colora MD cheating wives hops out, ap- parently none the worse for its imprisonment. Colora MD cheating wives, land of queer foods, wves one very popular del- icacy which is cut from the heart of a form of Mexican cactus — soft little worms very much like a denuded American caterpiller.

These worms are cooked in Beauty girl posing in red pantyhose, done up Colora MD cheating wives little packages and sold. Arthur Hubell, an Oklahoma City youth, can expand his waist full wived inches without any discomfort by the simple expedient wive inserting the tube of an auto pump into his mouth and having himself pumped up. It can be had for your lobbyfrom the Supply Department.

No person anywhere has ever seen its equal It is the very finest collection of daring and unique shots made, sometimes at the risk of life and limb, by those gay, nervy, ever-ready Colora MD cheating wives of the cheatting picture business— the newsreel camera men.

It So you want to get fucked the grandest of entertainment It is all true, real, right from life While you and your fans sit safely in your theatre, you will view events Colora MD cheating wives were photographed at terrific hazard and under the most trying conditions.

You will see the biggest thrills in modern history just as they happened — not faked, but so real as to bowl you over Ken has learned a lot about what is con- sidered standard Western entertain- ment, and he keeps this moving con- sistently enough to make it register as a very good Western. The story is one of those things about Ken's conflict with the murder- ous gang cjeating bank robbers known as the "Black Death.

Of course, there is the charming young lady, Lucille Browne who in- terests Ken, and finally she is kid- napped and he has to rescue her in a grand melodramatic fight, embel- lished with hard riding, action, a gun battle in the mountain Colora MD cheating wives and even an airplane that uses a machine gun trying to kill Ken. As an added touch, Colora MD cheating wives uses the slingshot belonging to his Colora MD cheating wives buddy to shoot some nitro- glycerine at the airplane, and he makes a perfect bullseye — wh'ch fin- ishes that!

The house in the woods where the leader of the "Black Death" held forth had trick compartments, trap doors, a periscope and a laboratory Colora MD cheating wives with high explosives. What more could anyone ask for a spot to stage the grand knock-'em-down-and- drag-'em-out fight which always properly concludes the rescue of the fair lady in a good Western? Because this moves away from the action formula of cattle thieves and barroom conspirators who work for the young lady's father, and becomes the Wild West Show offers some good entertaining action, this Colora MD cheating wives much better as a good movie than many more costly production that have more elaborate sets, production values and other trimmings, but lack movement and basic elements.

W ITH two houses completing their thirteenth week and Colora MD cheating wives ing as strong as ever, "Be Mexico female fuck buddy ads To- night" is more and more the sensa- tion of the year.

The only di- fficulty is that Minneapolis is getting pretty hot. This theatre always closes in the summer. With the Colora MD cheating wives of this run and the promise of its in- definite continuance, Mr.

Steffes de- cided to keep cheatinf theatre open all summer instead of closing as he us- ually does the latter part of June. It is a certainty that every theatre-goer in Minneapolis will have seen "Be Mine Tonight" be- fore it closes. Many of them Colora MD cheating wives al- ready seen it five and six times. One of the amusing commentaries on the run is in connection with passes. A lot of pains was taken with these passes to make them look indi- vidual and important.

They were all of that. Last week, after seeing the picture five and six times, the hold- ers of these passes began to accuse Mr. Steffes of holding out Colora MD cheating wives them by keeping "Be Mine Tongiht" in the theatre so long. Other houses were average and under.

Estimated takings for the week ending June He is Sterling Holloway of the sad sad eyes and chysanthemum hair. Mc- Clure has showered upon Universal is sweet, indeed. This praise is contained in a letter to Henry Herbel, manager of Uni- versal's Chicago exchange, and con- gratulates Universal upon producing so many pictures on what she refers of as the family type.

Family type pictures are going to be mighty pop- ular this year, as a return to normalcy on the part of picture producers. There have been too many salacious dramas, too many unrelieved sex pictures, and too much Seeking passionate exec in the films.

Appended to Mrs. McClure's let- ter there was a list comprising the number of pictures from each com- pany reviewed. The pictures were made by nine different companies. Out of the pictures reviewed from Universal, exactly fifty percent were classified as "for the family. No wonder Universal is to be congratulated. Here is Mrs. McClure's letter: My dear Mr. Yesterday at the Annual Meeting of the Better Films Colora MD cheating wives of Chi- cago and Cook County a report was made that I thought might be of in- terest to you and your organization.

Of the pictures reviewed by our previewers during this past year twenty-six were Universal produc- tions. Of this number thirteen were classed as Family pictures. Knowing that we are particularly concerned with that type of entertainment, I wanted to pass on to Colora MD cheating wives the very great appreciation of the Better Films Council for the policy woves Uni- versal Films to make clean entertain- ment for the family.

We shall always be happy to as- sist you in any way that we can and shall wish for you and your organi- zation a most successful production year, which I believe is just ahead. Most cordially, Signed Mrs. Richard McClure, President. From the stage play by Daniel Jarrett and Wievs Golden. Produced by Carl Laem- mle, Jr. Directed by William Wyler. Look it over: There will be nationwide Mary Brian and Lillian Miles style tie-ups with the greatest department stores; Shirt, hat and neckwear tie-ups on Pryor; pretzel and beer tie-ups; special music ballyhoos and a score of ex- ploitation angles that will be a cinch to put over.

And you're going to be glad you did! Heaton, cheatong the Sierra Theatre, Sacramento, Calif. Note the use of poster cut-outs and the cartoon display in the centre window. Prizes of a pair of roller wivez, a baseball and a bat and Colora MD cheating wives tickets to the theatre, were offered boys and girls who could Colora MD cheating wives the char- acters in the pictures and tell the episode in which the action took place.

As helpful hints for the contestants, Goldstein listed the chapter titles and the names wifes the characters in Anderson island WA film.

Just a few days before the opening Mrs. Roose- velt stopped off for a visit in Massena and Cohen covered his attraction sign with a big welcome banner. The cneating popular- ity of "The Fighting President" makes ex- ploitation easy for the picture.

Smart show- men everywhere are playing up this timely feature to the limit. Post cards reached every one of the ten thousand homes listed in the phone book well in advance of the opening. This was followed with a house to house distribution of five thousand heralds made by Boy Scout troop leaders on bicycles.

German, Polish chheating Italian organizations were reached through foreign language newspapers and special letters Live sex chat Savognin the mem- bers. Music and social clubs and fraternal organizations were circularized with a letter. The posting of 24 sheets, 3 sheets and window cards and the placing of several special window displays, completed the campaign.

Albert S. Nathan, Universal ex- ploiteer, assisted Siccardi on the exploitation. A neat three column by nine inch display. An arrangement iwves through the Chamber of Commerce resulted in an an- nouncement to the sailors of additional shore leave privileges for those men who wished to attend Sobler's Navy Midnight Matinee. Announcements of the engagement were made at all sessions of the district conven- tion of the Lions Club as well as at the sessions of the convention being Colora MD cheating wives by the Colora MD cheating wives Attorneys of California.

Word of mouth advertising was started with a morning preview the day wivves the opening. This was attended by local music leaders and other prominent persons. The mailing of letters to music lovers, the distribution of several thousand Colora MD cheating wives, and a score of window displays on the Color, completed the campaign. Ben Colora MD cheating wives.

Universal exploiteer, assisted. Entertainment Insurance Policy For "Be Mine" Providing entertainment insurance to a selected list of patrons in each town chewting a seat-selling idea for H.

Attached to each letter was a coupon, printed on "bank note" paper, in- suring the holder against wasting his money on poor entertainment. Box-offices were kept open until after the last show so that any patron who so desired, could take advan- tage of the insurance and get his money back. McClure did not have to redeem a single coupon! Strong two column x 5" Colora MD cheating wives Filmarte, Los Angeles. Cartoon treatment in 2 columns x 5" from Palace, Cleveland.

Liberty, Seattle sells Mix big in 2 columns x 10". Smash opening announcement in 2 columns x 15" from State, Spokane, Wash. New Roxy, Seattle uses title hot-spot in 2 columns x 10". Attractive 2 column x 8" ad from Blue Mouse, Portland featuring a third week hold over. Three column x 8" from Lyceum, Minneapolis. It has a story. The scenes have some of the year's supreme camera triumphs It is what they call a 'natural' in the theatre.

Directed Colora MD cheating wives Edwin Knopf and Luis Trenker. It contains some thoughts worth repeating — worth thinking about. He writes: The woman looked at the bottle full of milk and it gave her courage. At such times Colora MD cheating wives found myself boiling mad at Universal.

But as I look back over a long period of years, I recall that such pictures were in the very small minority. Just when I was the most depressed, out would pop some Universal production which would fairly lift me up by my boot-straps. I don't say great performance. I say good performance. Others have had periods of two, three or even five years of being good, but Universal's cueating is easily the best in the Colorra of motion pictures.

They have gone up and down like rockets. You have done a remarkable job because it has been carried over such a very, very long number of years. That is the only way I know how to give a practical proof of my appreciation. Colora MD cheating wives the snappiest screen show cueating come out of Hollywood in months A down-to-earth story with up-in-the-sky embellish- ments!

Story by Harry Sauber. Fheating by Chandler Sprague and Joseph Santley. Dances staged by Max Scheck. Songs by Conrad, Mitchell and Gottler. Directed by Harry Lachman. Screenplay by Colora MD cheating wives Reed from his novel by L. Directed by Edwin L. The cast an- nounced is an all-star aggrega- tion, assembled by Stanley Ber- german, who will supervise, and Karl Freund, who will direct. Ellallee Ruby is a newcomer to the screen and this is her first picture. So splendid is the work of Fay W ray Beautiful couples wants nsa Davenport she has been selected to play the name part in another Continental production.

John Barrymore is starred in the pic- ture at the Golden Gate Theatre, playing George Simon, the East Side lad who has reached the heights as a lawyer.

William Wyler, who directed the picture, has given the bustle of the offices of a busy man with fine effect, and has made an in- telligent, quick moving story in which some of the minor ele- ments of the play have been omitted. Elmer Rice, who wrote the play, also prepared the screen drama, which therefore carries out his ideas perfectly. It was a good play. It's a grand picture. You are caught up into the busy, exciting, Ladies seeking sex tonight Timber Oregon 97144 lent turmoil of the law offices of a firm of sensational trial wices whose cli- ents are colorful criminals of both sexes.

John Barrymore's performance of the flashy lawyer, who slavishly worships a contemptuous wife Doris Kenyonis only one of the reasons for seeing this Colora MD cheating wives. With nothing spectacular to say or do, Bebe Daniels, as the confidential secretary, makes herself felt and Sex chat room Doland South Dakota SD bered. Isabel Jewell almost steals the picture as the blonde telephone girl.

The pace is breathless, the story is caught up and passed rapidly from character to character, leaving one at the end regretful that there is not to be any more. You'll enjoy this, no matter what your age, sex, or tastes. The performance is an wvies one, subdued, emotional, interesting. Colora MD cheating wives Kenyon is the wife, a woman cold in temperament, who mar- ried Simon for his money, Colora MD cheating wives whose children by her former husband treat their stepfather with contemptuous indifference.

Cheatnig Jewell gives a fine im- personation of the telephone girl, a Colroa, saucy, compe- tent employe, quick with retort and quite able to take care of herself. Melvyn Wvies, who has not been seen in the screen in many months, spent on a tour of the world with his wife, Hel- en Gahagan, plays the lover of Mrs.

Simon and offers a fine per- formance of the part. In order, and as rapidly as Colora MD cheating wives, the following pictures go into produc- tion: Even the camera fails to stray outside of the busy law offices of George Simon. Housewives looking sex Mcallen Texas 78504 differences in de- tail are revealed in direction and in the leading character of George Simon, as impersonated by John Barrymore.

This Rice play should pack the Golden Gate Colora MD cheating wives the week. It cheatimg excellent entertainment. Director Wyler of Universal has set it at a brisk tempo. It is well cast and ex- cellently acted. So it was especially inter- esting to see Colora MD cheating wives John Barrymore does with it. He gives a magnificent performance which surpasses in Colora MD cheating wives the acting of Kruger and Madison. His nervous temperament is sug- gested in movement, gesture and gait, in his emotional outbursts.

His lack of background is revealed in his speech, in his occasional crude man- ner and brusqueness. His kind-heart- edness and loyalty in the quick Collora of his response to old friends in need. But not until his heart is chilled with the shock of his wife's infidelity, does he become superbly eloquent in a silence that breeds by Ada Hanifin thoughts of suicide. It is when he is at the switchboard after his employes have gone for the night.

Bebe Daniels as the secretary, si- lently in love with the lawyer, gives an impressive restrained performance. Passive as is the role, she conveys emotion and understanding, and wins the sympathy of the audience. It is an as- tounding record and a marvelous tribute to her talent, beauty and en- durance.

Zeidman pro- duction. Indeed, John must have liked this role of a clever lawyer, for he puts his whole heart and soul into it. All the characters are every- day people you'd find in a law office wivea Colora MD cheating wives went into one today. John, a successful and brilliant law- yer, who has worked his way from the sidewalks of the Bronx to the top of his profession, is beset by every kind of amusing, thrilling and tragic sit- uation as he sits there behind his desk.

But, so adept at solving the problems of others, he fails complete- ly when it comes to solving his ownTragic— and Excellent, Too and attempts suicide when he learns that his social register wife has left for Europe with a cheatting clubman.

But Bebe Daniels, his long-suffering and patient secretary, saves him just in time — the phone rings — and John is once more the clever Counsellor at Low, ruling the destinies of people. There is a swell cast of "type" people, with most of the honors go- ing to Isabel Jewell as the fast-talk- ing telephone girl, and Clara Langs- Colora MD cheating wives as John's broken-English "Bronx" mother.

Doris Kenyon plays the cold, brittle, society wife and Melvyn Doug- las plays her lover. A magnificent pic- ture which will not fail to hold you thrilled and interested to the final fade-out. Universal B. Harry Arthur, of F. Stage Shows, Inc.

It is worth heavy exploitation and advertis- ing campaigns because of its production values,excellent cast, novelty of story twist, musical angle and title, 'Beloved,' which is great. Directed by Karl Freund. Associate Producer, Edmund Grainger.

I Am Look Cock

I The wheels of the law grinding against the heart and life of a woman betrayed! Directed by Chester Erskin. Produced by All Star Productions, Inc. Colora MD cheating wives newsreels had been Lonely women looking sex Scottsburg for the week when the wreck pictures ar- rived aboard the S.

Europa late Thursday night. Realizing the import- ance and timeliness of the subject, Allyn Butterfield, Editor of the Uni- versal Newsreel, laid plans to rush it to Universal Exchanges as a special, rather than to hold it up until this week's newsreel issues. The pictures, taken a few hours after the wreck, show the terrible dis- aster in all its graphic details, with the bashed-in locomotive which ploughed its way through a wooden coach load of trapped passengers, the splintered coaches Colora MD cheating wives tele- scoped with their human freight, and the sad and painstaking search of the tangled debris for dead and Colora MD cheating wives jured.

The re- sult is entirely satisfactory. Under cheatong capable direction of James Whale, combined with the clever portrayals of Paul Lukas, Nils Asther and Elissa Landi, the screen version has Colora MD cheating wives none of the spicy flavor of the orig- inal. The masquerading of a butler and a maid as their royal master and mis- tress is the theme upon which this light and highly amusing comedy is based, and so entertained will you be Cologa the comical situations and bright dialogue that you will hardly be re- minded of the fact that masquerading is one of the more hackneyed forms of comedy.

Elissa Landi is charming as the lady's maid, but Cilora work is over- shadowed by the performances of Paul Lukas and Nils Asther as butler and master. Beautiful Esther Ralston is rightly cast as lady nobility. The smart Continental settings are laid in Vienna and Monte Carlo. He is in- trigued with his master's ability in making lovely ladies stoop to folly.

Thinking the Prince gone for the evening, Josef persuades Colora MD cheating wives to call for a cocktail. Using his master's technique, he is going great with Marie, when Rudolph unexpectedly returns home. Amused by the situa- tion he dons his butler's coat and helps along with the adventure. More mix-ups follow, but they are all cleared up. Don't miss this picture at the old Roxy.

Wodehouse's adaptation. Out at the Universal studios they decided to make the story a little more intri- cate and therefore employed Hans Kraly, F. It might be said that the result is one qives the few instances where too many cooks have not spoiled the Find sex in Mc fall Missouri. A little contre- Continued on Page 28 Jan.

It is romance through and through, romance taken with a grain of salt, light and laugh- ing, always char ning. And it helps confirm earlier suspicions that the particular niche wivrs Elissa Landi Colora MD cheating wives in the realm of comedy and farce rather than drama.

The fun begins when Elissa and Paul Lukas, Monte Carlo bound, meet as the Countess von Rischenheim and the Count von Rommer, although Elissa is merely Marie, maid to her Colora MD cheating wives mistress, and Paul is masquer- ading as the great lover to whom he is valet. They persist in their mutual deception, and the make-believing involves Sex contacts in Yangjangni in some romantic friv- olities culminating Cloora the valet's en- tertainment of the maid in his master's palatial apartments.

Both are skilled in the technique of flirtation carefully acquired during their opportunities to observe the carryings-on above stairs, and Lukas knows just the proper instant to sub- stitute the soft, romantic haze of candlelight for a too revealing elec- tric glare.

But amorous thoughts are shattered when the real Count, clad as cheatin butler, plays that role by appear- ing with the Colora MD cheating wives Elissa is hastily dismissed by the em- barrassed imposter, and with her goes the Count's cigarette case, to be dis- covered later in her mistress' bag by a suspicious husband. So the plot thickens! And, of course, smarting un- der unjust accusations of her spouse, the genuine Countess dashes off to the Casino, where fate contrives that she encounter the master love maker whose methods have proved so suc- cessful when imitated by his valet with her maid.

Thus it happens that Marie and her Josef, pursuing their amour; the young Count and the Countess, who are experiencing the beginning of a beautiful friendship; and the old Count, her husband, hot upon the trail of his wife and her sus- pected lover, all arive at the apart- ment for a swell third act denoue- ment.

See it for yourself at the Roxy and enjoy the fun. Miss Landi does one of her best bits as the masquerading maid, play- ing the part lightly, airily, quite in the spirit Beautiful couple ready xxx dating Fresno the piece, and both Mr. Colora MD cheating wives kas and Mr. Lawrence Grant is a properly unsym- pathetic husband, while the decora- tive Esther Ralston, Lois January and Warburton Gamble help the humor of the situations as opportunity affords.

It is a triumph for him. A clever play, a captivating cast, smart dia- logue, enchanting settings, attractive costumes are manipulated, with this director's skill, into a compact, fin- ished light comedy.

It is touching, as well as spicy and witty, as diverting Colora MD cheating wives hour's gaiety as the screen has of- fered this season. The plot has no great originality. It is the treatment and acting which lend it freshness and sparkle. It has a swell cast. It started when an apparently drunken man reeled out of a fashionable apartment house into the dusky, rainy streets and fell dead in front of a passing taxicab.

When the ambulance came it was discovered that a bullet had killed him: Pressure was brought to bear against the District Attorney from all sides, demanding a speedy solu- tion of the crime, and the relentless investigation soon brought to light five suspects, all of whom might very justifiably have committed the murder.

This Universal drama, directed by Edward L. Marin, moves rapidly and absorbingly, to a totally unexpected climax, when, as in all the best mur- der mysteries, the guilt is fastened upon a hitherto unsuspected person. Dickinson Theatre Bldg. Lawrence, Kansas Re: Benny Benjamin, Universal Pictures, Inc. Kansas City, Mo. Dear Benny: Wish to advise that we are now running the above picture at our Varsity Theatre in Law- rence and it is pleasing and do- ing a swell business.

This p icture is Colora MD cheating wives answer to a showman' s dream and any live wire exhib- itor with any idea of e xploita- tion is destined to Colora MD cheating wives an un- usual gross with it. And this is what he found: Claude Rains — A picture from Universal that will do a grand business anywhere.

I played it too early and ran into a severe cold snap. It has novelty and mystery and gets Colora MD cheating wives from the Frankenstein type. Plan Colora MD cheating wives bringing it back.

Step on it and don't play it as a horror picture. Different than anything I have ever played — E. Reynolds, Women looking sex tonight Jonancy Kentucky Thea- tre. Princeton, Minn. Small town and country patronage. Jim Gleason — A good two-reel comedy. Definitely in the family type classification, its entertainment offering much to amuse adults and youngsters of both sexes, it is chock full of giggles and guffaws.

For straight-away showmanship pur- poses, the names Discreet Married Dating playgirl under 1lbs the cast seem to be more important than either title or story content.

All the principals and practically every one of the sup- ports have always been identified with comedy, a fact that should be stress- ed to the utmost. While comedy is the Colora MD cheating wives feature, the romantic angle is unusually treated and through it is woven in the light dramatic sus- pense, the punchy excitement of the anti-climax which develops into a whirlwind of laughter and the human interest finish.

The financially strapped Albert and Harriet anxiously await the advent of Lord and Lady Featherstone and their daughter Gwen, whom Harriet hopes to marry to Albert in order that the Spottiswood fortune might be re- stored. The nobles, however, are in the same fix and have the same idea about the Spottiswoods.

As they bluff and deceive each other, comedy is high and happy. Complicated by Abdul's attempts to take Harriet for a Colora MD cheating wives of blackmail, both parties find out that the other has been four- flushing. Then the whole outfit, in- spired by Andy, go into the fried- chicken business and there is much happiness all-around.

That's the outline, but the material with which it is dressed provides the real laughs. There are the antics of Edward Everett Horton and Edna May Oliver as well as the Feather- stone family as they mutually prepare to stick each other; the situation in which Leila Hyams finds herself as a kitchen maid; the fun that follows Andy Devine's stealing of the prize goose and Arbuthnot's frantic efforts to recover his property; the near mur- der and the nutty sleuthing of a batty detective.

The whole thing is all in fun — there isn't a serious moment in it — which is a tip-off as to how "The Poor Rich" should be called to patron attention. Accentuate the comedy, make the best possible use of the cast names by stressing their adaptability to their roles and get over the idea that here's Colora MD cheating wives kind of picture that will amuse youngsters as well as oldsters.

May I congratulate you on the fine picture "S. Francis in San Francisco. After seeing most of the air Colora MD cheating wives and taking part in sev- eral I feel free in saying "S. It gave me Colora MD cheating wives pleasure to see your wonderful picture and I have heartily recommended its excellence to my friends, espe- cially to those who fly as they are most critical.

Welcome to Kool Inc Disc Jockeys, Karaoke Song List

Myrlen Johnston Pres. Story by Ella O'Neill. Directed by Ray Taylor. The con- fusion, perhaps, militates against the picture's full perfection. The action lacks precision and the script itself cohesion, but atmosphere is well es- tablished Colora MD cheating wives suspense nicely sus- tained. As you've guessed, the drama takes place aboard a Calcutta-Bom- bay special, the passengers of which are as sinister a cargo as ever filled a film with sudden death. And Colora MD cheating wives is present in great variety — by pistol shot, poison and snake bite, with a fine collection of suspicious persons from which to guess the guilty.

Thus the task of Mr. Lowe, cast as a sort of British-lndian Sherlock Holmes, in solving the murders is Colora MD cheating wives as the mystery itself. But if you know Mr. Lowe, you're at once assured that solve them he does, and that by the time the blood-stained train rolls into Bombay's Grand Central Station, Vice and Villainy receive their just desserts. Marin's direc- tion keeps the story from ever becom- ing static and makes the most of the locale.

Bored by the lady's maids and nurse- girls who cannot appreciate the finesse he has acquired from his mas- ter, he impulsively enters upon a more exciting South Hill girls with South Hill boys sex with a "lady. At the resort, he determines to meet her again and impersonates the Prince in order to dazzle her into sub- mission.

Going through the Prince's careful routine he has a success which develops astounding situations. Aristocratic employers and ambi- tious servants are mixed in a series of delightful accidents. Elissa Landi is bewitching as the "lady" who coquettes with the bogus nobleman.

Asther is splendid in the engaging role of the naughty Prince. Lukas gives a delightful, spirited per- formance as the romantic butler, played by Esther Ralston, Dorothy Revier, Lawrence Grant and Warbur- ton Gamble.

On the train the hand- some Josef encounters Marie and she thinks that he is the Prince, making her deductions from the Colora MD cheating wives of arms on what she presumes to be his bag- gage.

Thus soon you have Josef enter- taining Marie as the Prince and it follows that they are surprised by the nobleman himself, who promptly of- ficiates as butler, which is obviously quite a painful experience for Josef and somewhat disconcerting to Ma- rie, who, of course, really believes the Prince to be a servant.

The audience yesterday afternoon chuckled with glee when the Prince in brass buttons brought in the champagne, doing the butler's duties in a meticulous fashion. Notwithstanding Marie's fine clothes, she is bound to arouse the audience's suspicions concerning her true identity, for her speech is not al- ways precisely that of a countess, ex- cept when she is very careful. Added to this there is the complication caused by Josef giving Marie one of the Prince's monogrammed cigarette cases.

Whale shows a fondness here for wines and brandy, for whenever, he wants some action, either Josef or the Prince indulge their fancy for a bottle of wine or a glass of cognac. Marie does not Colora MD cheating wives champagne and neither does Countess von Risch- enheim, nor the Baroness von Ballin, who appears in the early part of the story.

So far as the title is concerned, it is derived from the candles that are brought into the room Cheating Erie Pennsylvania extra marital sex dates and the fuses are intentionally burned out. The Prince always favors the mellow old- fashioned illumination. Elissa Landi gives a graceful and satisfactory performance as Marie.

Lukas is ingratiating as Josef and he is especially clever in the episode where he is taken unawares by his master. Asther handles the role of the Prince pleasingly. Warburton Gamble adds to the tone of this light affair by his impersonation of an eas- ily deceived husband. I heard Colora MD cheating wives the other day on a suburban train out of New York City that started me thinking. Perhaps this conversation will start you thinking too. Perhaps something of careful and resultant advertising analysis has been lost in the mad chaos of past months.

Following is the conversation. See what you think about it. The speakers were two girls. We always find out about the good ones after they play. The-e is a local newspaper but there are many transients in this suburb the same as in other big city suburbs If you fall to reach these people by herald or program you are losing an unusual amount of business in Nude women on the Rio Rancho New Mexico to losing the buildup power that periodical delivery of theatre advertising to homes provides.

Of course some people do call the theatre on the telephone to find out what's going on if they are not otherwise advised. But that usually happens only when these people have a night off and at the last minute decided to go to the show if there's a picture on they want to see. The safest way to insure maximum attendance and build new theatre interest is to Colora MD cheating wives those showmanship ideas that have always been fruitful. Here's one bet on which you can't go wrong.

Advance lobby displays, a special trailer stunt and four street ballyhoos, all created considerable talk about the picture. Before the trailer was shown, the Colora MD cheating wives was darkened, as a man dashed from the right wing of the stage he was picked up by green spots from the booth. From the op- posite wing of the stage, a dummy, the head of which was covered with luminous paint, was thrown at him.

As the dummy hit the stage, the man screamed, fired a Colora MD cheating wives and dashed off the stage. The trailer followed this bit of action. Additional ballyhoos in- cluded an appropriately bannered "invisible man" riding in an open car, a man swathed in black, distributing heralds, and a truck Colora MD cheating wives poster cut-outs.

Henrj Travers. The Hit at the Roxy, N. First, because it is primarily a news reel, the Colora MD cheating wives coverage and service have been excellent at all times. Sec- ond, because of Graham McNamee. Los AngelesCalif.

Printed in U. He will have the assistance of Edward Venturini on the dialogue sequences. Old hot grannies Jerusalem deWolf wrote the screenplay. Colora MD cheating wives two of the eight women who will Colora MD cheating wives tute one of the most interesting casts assembled at Universal City in a long time, have been chosen. They are Alice White and Lilian Bond.

In this picture two well-known stars make their initial screen bows to American audiences. One is Mary Nash, for years a prominent stage figure. The other is Renee Gadd, En- glish star. Carl Laemmle, Jr. Not until Laemmle, Jr. Renee Gadd only recently arrived in Hollywood from England. There she has been on both stage and screen. Colora MD cheating wives her British films are "Aren't We All? Karl Freund directed. It is Colora MD cheating wives strik- ing title — a title that holds al- lure, drama, romance, patriot and abandon.

No wonder.

This title was the Colora MD cheating wives prize winner in a Colora MD cheating wives contest held in Silver Screen, Colora MD cheating wives by Eliot Keen. More than five thou- sand answers were re- ceived in the contest and were considered by the judges, among whom were Mr. Keen, Carl Laemmle, Jr. Universal had just bought a story by Vicki Baum, author of "Grand Hotel.

Universal wanted a moving picture title par-excellence. Beautiful Wynne Gibson was cho- sen for the leading role, and it is the present intention of playing Paul Lukas in the other featured part, if he finishes his first starring picture, 'Affairs of a Gentleman," in time. Karl Freund has been selected by Producer B. Colora MD cheating wives to direct.

The screenplay was written by Win- ifred Dunn and the script is now be- ing written by Milton Krims. Wynne Gibson holds a two-picture contract with Universal. She completed her education at the Wad- leigh School for Girls.

Her stage training cons. She is a splendid swimmer, a figure skater of ability, and she can even curve a baseball, which very few women Colora MD cheating wives the world can do. Wynne Gibson, who has ac- quired an unusually large fan follow- ing the brief time she has been star- red, will have the leading role in this one — play her up big!

The picture will have a musical setting which Colora MD cheating wives pro- vide additional exploitation angles for you to go after. The pressbook will contain a list of them. It is an entirely different type of story. There will be a line of exceptionally fine accessories to help you sell this one. For the sake of authenticity a studio crew was sent to New York, where the entire headquarters of the Unit- ed Press was photographed, togeth- er with the news departments, and all the machinery of operation of a huge international Colora MD cheating wives gathering organization was made available for the picture.

Even the officials of the company were photographed as they transacted an ordinary day's business in the office. A serialization is available for news- papers in connection with the run- ning of this picture which will open in New York on the week of the news- Colora MD cheating wives publishers' convention. It is ten thousand words and arranged in six chapters with illustrations.

In addition to Lee Tracy, who Colora MD cheating wives the Alliance reporter, and Colora MD cheating wives Pryor, who plays the reporter for the Confederated Press, Gloria Stuart plays a beautiful princess edu- cated in Baltimore, Looking for someone to just to start off talking to. It was directed by Edward Sedgwick.

To judge from the fan mail everyone is delighted to see him return in another Universal picture. Also give a big break to Roger Pryor, who teams up perfectly with Tracy. Both of them have personality-plus, talk like whirl- winds, and are ideal foils as rival re- Colora MD cheating wives. The name of Gloria Stuart also is of definite box-office value! Backgrounds of the New York United Press office are used in the ac- tion. There is no limit to the amount of publicity and tie-ups you can get from local sheets.

Colora MD cheating wives are a few other suggestions: Easels carrying stills of Tracy in former productions and billing his big triumph in this. Exhibits of telegraph, telephone, radio, teletype, telephoto, Colora MD cheating wives other instruments used in news gathering.

A shadow-box which carries wise- cracking repartee between Tracy and Pryor. Novelties like tabloid newspapers. Special previews for local press reports. Tie-ups with schools from the edu- cational angle of newspaper articles. There is a ten thousand word serial story in mat form available for your paper when you set your date. One was Lee Tracy; the other was the greatest world wide news gathering organization in the world. So Lonely lady wants sex tonight Orem has this combination worked out that Colora MD cheating wives Laemmle, Jr.

The other ace in the hole is this gigantic worldwide news-gathering organization which agreed to lend it countenance and assistance in every possible way to the making and exploiting of "I'll Tell the World.

Kid the young pretenders who wanted to make believe they were rich. Beware of moralizing or treating the theme dramatically. Put it over for what it is — a light, semi-serious, comedy drama of everyday newlyweds. Sell the cast — it is all big box-office. Lew Ayres Colora MD cheating wives sell him heavily — his youthful per- sonality is at its best in this role.

Patricia Ellis — a charm- ing, sparkling, pretty and talented ingenue with a string of successes. Isabel Jewell and Frank McHugh, two swell comedians who control a pile of votes. Get them all in on the stunt, with a prize for the best dressed window as voted by local citizens. Suggest to the news- paper that they sell a co-operative ad section in connec- tion with the week. The idea has unlimited possibilities as it can be extended beyond the merchants to civic offi- Colora MD cheating wives for Naughty Adult Dating best sex phoenix town clean-up, etc.

It has passed its preview tests with flying colors. It knocked the sales force for a loop. Exhibitors are going to Free sex webcams Fallston Maryland savannah mature nl xxx it up; audiences are going to come back and see it twice and tell their friends to go and see it.

That is the kind Colora MD cheating wives a picture "Let's Be Ritzy" is. Its Colora MD cheating wives is as human, as rippling, as funny, as any play on Broadway today. It has the advan- tage of some of the best acting which has Colora MD cheating wives seen on the Sometime a friendly stranger is the best option City lot in years. It has already started in a number of spots and "The Coun- Colora MD cheating wives is being received with laughter and cheers wherever she opens court.

The beautiful little heroine is such a swell fake that no one can be really annoyed with her. It seems that Janet Kruger was a moving picture extra girl in love with a newspaper man who had just lost his job. The whole works were wet. The director made Janet do the scene over again three or four times because all Janet could think about was her boy-friend and her glimming romance. Finally, the director got nasty and told her Colora MD cheating wives if she didn't do it right this time, she could get out of the sable coat and give up the Countess role; there were lots of extras.

But Janet's dander was up. Instead of stopping at the swell hotel set, she threw the sixteen cylinder car in high and dashed through the studio gates and made for the open Colora MD cheating wives. Although Janet didn't want to be dishonest about anything, appearances Clio bbw chat line so much in her favor that food, clothes, parties, and love even tum- bled right into her lap, until — But even then there was an ace in the hole.

The dis- pairing newspaper lover brought it all back into reality as a publicity stunt. But in the meantime, "The Countess of Monte Cristo" has provided a show of surpassing in- terest and Karl Freund has been so deft in his touch that you have to believe that all of these miraculous things really happen: Sell her as a strange, exotic Colora MD cheating wives and work in a background of swanky Colora MD cheating wives sphere.

Sell a co-operative ad page with the heading: Doll up your post- er cut-outs with actual clothes, furs, imitation jewelry, etc. See the pressbook for details and Colora MD cheating wives other suggestions. What an idea for tbe screen — for snappy situa- tions and brilliant dialogue! A LL one has to do to be certain that "Uncertain Lady" is a cer- tain hit, is to read the Harry Segall play on which the picture Colora MD cheating wives based.

It has a most unusual situation which has been delightfully worked out by Daniel Evans and Martin Brown. Here's the idea. A lady by the name of Doris Crane, who is a bus- iness woman as well as a wife, is about to lose her husband. Being a business woman, she makes a bargain Oral slave iso Vincentia pussy her infatuated spouse and his fortune-hunter flame.

She will give up her husband if they two will pro- vide her with another husband just as good. Strangely enough, all parties consent to this unusual arrangement, and immediately start in to carry it out. Almost anything could happen from this set-up and almost every- thing does. First of all, it has Edward Everett Horton, a comedian of the first water, who has been starred and featured in a number of Universal productions. Then there Is Genevieve Tobin, who returns to the Universal studio which was the first to put her in moving pictures.

Miss Tobin will be remem- bered for remarkable work in "Seed," "A Lady Surrenders" and many other exquisitely played parts. There is also a newcomer to the screen named Renee Gadd, who plays the part of "the other woman. Paul Cavanaugh plays the romantic lead. George Meeker and Dorothy Peterson are an ornament to any cast.

What a situation for a gay rollicking farce comedy! And what a picture it is! What a great exploitation story and title! And Women wanting sex in Alamosa cast is perfect.

Go after that title — tease it for all Colora MD cheating wives worth — put over a co-operative ad page — use the want ad columns under the exchange or swap headings — play up the cast of box-office favorites — Genevieve Tobin, Edward Everett Horton, Paul Cavanaugh, George Meeker, Dorothy Peterson, Herbert Corthell and two newcomers to the American screen — Renee Gadd, who makes her American screen debut after a whirlwind success in England, and Mary Nash, who comes to Hol- lywood after a brilliant Broadway stage career.

Watch for the unusual paper being provided for this picture. You will find it adaptable to many eye-catching and seat-selling stunts. Plan now to use plenty of it in your campaign. Photoplay Magazine was the first to recognize her amazing talent, in an interview with her in their December number. The Modern Screen magazine for January carried a personality interview with her by Charles Beahan, who was instrumental in bringing her to the attention of Universal officials at the time he himself was Eastern Scenario Editor of the company.

The prediction of one of these magazines concerning Miss Sullavan, — "A new star has been born! For with her second picture, "Little Man, What Now? It is in the bag for you, too, Mr. Exhibitor, and a lot of money with it! The line of posters includes, as usual, two of these three- sheets, two Colora MD cheating wives, a six-sheet, and a smashing twen- ty-four sheet. All of these are allied in their color scheme, making a full showing which will domin- ate boards wherever they are posted.

The two runners up were given prize ribbons, and their owners received checks. It was the cat's meow. He will be accompanied by Mrs. The Maynards plan an extensive European vacation. Upon reaching Le Havre, they will immediately entrain for Spain, where they will spend about three months be- fore touring the continent and returning to the United States.

The entire line is carried out in the same color design. The other three-sheet is a huge hat with Lew Ayres and Patricia Ellis sit- ting in it. Looking to Fort Smith Arkansas woman to orgasm has provided the usual quota of twenty-four sheetsa six, two threes, and two ones.

Jm ir OTn ning Colora MD cheating wives, t atro nage. Oswald Carl M. Oswald C Universal Cartoon. Will plea-!

Signing up for a list of good pictures really doesn't mean much to you unless you are sure that the company with which you sign is in a position to carry on its business. So I owe you a report on Universal. Here it is: Universal is in excellent shape. We are doing a splendid business all over the world. Last week, for example, we did a larger foreign business than we have done in any similar week in the past six years.

Universal owes very little money anywhere, almost nothing in comparison with the business we are doing. A conservative forecast of our expense and income for the coming year shows that we can not only make the Colora MD cheating wives we have obligated ourselves to make, but deliver something a little better than we promised.

We go up or down as the business of our customers goes up or down. The fact that we are turning that corner instead of waiting for prosperity to turn it is proof enough that most of our customers have Colora MD cheating wives it — some of them without even realizing it. In this world no one gets back more than he gives out.

Universal has given to its customers a good average of money-making pictures and now we are feeling the effects of it. But Colora MD cheating wives we could feel the effects, the larger part of our customers feel the benefit of it. That is as it should be in all business. Universal and those who rely upon Universal can now look forward with contented minds upon the future.

From the famous best-seller by Hans Fallada. Directed by Frank Borzage. Bodil Rosing. In the picture will be seen J. Asher, Robert Harris and Eddie Buzzell, director. The first thing to do was to provide a story. One of the greatest writers of west- erns Colora MD cheating wives a period of the last fifteen years is W.

Adventure Magazine would not be in existence without him. Neither would a number of other popular western magazines. Universal purchased W. Janet has beauty, skill in riding and real acting ability. She will be a delightful foil for Buck Jones. The villain also has been chosen in the person of Richard Cramer, who plays the role of Joe Portuguese. Direction will be in the hands of Louise Fried- lander, who made such a tremendous impression with his first serial, "The Vanishing Shadow.

Kohn has been writing under the name of Kurt Kemplar. Henry Henigson is the associate producer ip charge and Edward Ludwig will direct. Dickens is getting a great play after all of these years and solely because of the tremendous interest which has been aroused by the world wide pub- lication of "The Life of Our Lord," the story which he wrote for the infor- mation of his own children and which was not to be published until those children had passed on.

The first player engaged Beautiful black female searches for handsome Greenwood Village male either of these Dickens stories is Heather Angel.