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Riley Dennis is a feministtransgender activist and YouTuber. She identifies as a non-binary woman, and a lesbianand has been making videos for the website Everyday Feminism since[1] and maintains an active YouTube channel which has about 66, subscribers as of December She has covered a range of subjects Dehnis depth, including rape culture[3] fat acceptance[4] homophobia[5] Dennis sex dating friendzone[6] sex- shaming Dennis sex dating women, [7] whataboutism[8] Islamophobia [9]non-binary gender [10] [11] and child abuse.

In NovemberDennis posted a video entitled "Your Dating Preferences May Be Discriminatory", [13] in which she opined that trans-exclusionary sexual sxe may be socially conditioned and Dennis sex dating be unlearned, kicking off an explosion of online conversations, as well as daring large amount of negative attention: Some of these responses have arguably misrepresented Dennis' argument[note 1] in which she is essentially calling for her audience to reflect on whether the categorical exclusion of transgender people from Dennis sex dating dating pool may be partly influenced by transphobia and Dsnnis just sexual orientation - or in other words, to avoid conflating innate sexuality with socially conditioned prejudice, in a manner vaguely comparable to sexual racism.

It is admittedly quite impressive to be able to achieve that level of self-reflection. To be clear, Dennis is arguing that it Dennis sex dating discriminatory to categorically say "I would never even consider dating a trans person" before the fact, based solely on their trans status[16] especially when publicly making a big deal Dennis sex dating holding such a stance.


She is not saying that it is discriminatory to decide not Dennis sex dating date any given individual transgender person one encounters after the fact, based on simply not being attracted to said individual. This is an important distinction that is often misunderstood.

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However, Dennis does perhaps go too far in downplaying the role of primary sexual characteristics i. Dennis was also critical of Laci Green "reaching out" Dennus her political adversaries in Maysaying "…she seems more interested in pandering to anti-feminists, complimenting them, Dennis sex dating making them feel good Dennis sex dating she does protecting the people who are at the receiving end of anti-feminist harassment campaigns. Jump to: White has at least admitted wrongdoing and apologized since.

Is sex a social construct like gender? Is Biological Sex a Social Construct?

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