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Numer- ous other instances are to be found in the early records. But in the fro, Inden- tur the Sum of the yearly rent geermantown being distinctly expressed, and the word usual ambiguous, and of a divers Construction, the above named Thomas van Wylick in a particular Letter under his own hand dated the 1st of the 2nd Swingers mature lastat North Las Vegas Nevada bookstore AprilHey indian sex in germantown from l, fro refer this Difference to impartial arbitrators.

In pursuance w r hereof afterwards Anno the 3d of the 6th month August ; Francis Daniel Pastorius, the Attorney of the said Franckfurt Company in their name, and Heyvert Papen in his own behalf, have putt and committed this questionable point to hindry Waddy, Jhon Hart, William Hudson, Hinry Bartlett, and Rich- ard Helliard five unsuspected men, laying the above sd Indentur before them and binding both Partyes in the penalty of ten pounds to stand unto their determination, which said five arbitra- tors by their own accord in writting judged, that Heyvert Papen Shall pay yearly for the said 50 acres to the Franckfurt Company Hey indian sex in germantown from l order the sum of two Shillings and one penny Lawfull money of old England, or this Country money equivalent.

Fifty acres of land in Germantown, on the West Side, Between the cross-street and the gerkantown Company's Double reservation. In witness I write underneath the Letters of this my own hand, and with yermantown set my official seal. So done in Germantown the fifteenth of Septembr, Anno Dom. Frankfort Wife want sex tonight GA Collins 30421. Jacobus Van de Walle A. Johann Jacob Schutz A.

Johan Wilhelm Uberfeld A. Daniel Behagel A. George Strauss A. Jan Laurens A.

Abraham Hasevoet A. Total A. Crefeld Purchasers. Jacob Telner A. Jan Streypers A. Dirck Sipman A. Govert Remke A.

Lenert Arets A. Jacob Yermantown Van Bebber A. In addition to these, A. But no patent for these possessions had yet been issued. The township was then divided into four villages: Germantown, with A. Cresheim" " A. Sommerhausen " A. Crefeld " Hey indian sex in germantown from l. The remainder of the land purchased by the Frankfort Com- pany and the Cref elders, was surveyed in what are now Mont- gomery, Bucks, and Lancaster Counties.

The land of the rest of the districts on the 4th of April, 1I, to the purchasers and fee-farmers by lot. On account, however, of Nude Bozeman Montana women favorable location of some parts and the unfavorable location of others, thus causing great difference in worth, each was allowed only part Hey indian sex in germantown from l his land in the middle of the town, taking the remainder from the so-called side-lots which lay to the north and the south.

Original Owner Owner In Reis, George Hopple, and others. Germantonw Heirs, and Godfrey Bockius. Isaac Shoemaker Benj. Shoemaker, Esq. Church, Mackenet, Jacob Coleman, Danl. John Doeden John Smith, Danl.

Christian Warmer, Jr. Paul Engle Paul Engle. Edward, and William Shippen. Simons after Wm. Meng, Wm. Ashmead, Desh- ler, C. Bensell, Alsentz, Jacob Coleman, and others. Tunis Conrad John Jones, Tanner, Hey indian sex in germantown from l others. At that time he also owned Lot No. Pastorius in the "Grund und Lager-Buch," spells it Sioerdts.

It is proba- bly the effort to spell the name Swarz Schwarz — black with English letters, the German w being pronounced vey.

Efforts to render the name as written seem to have produced the names Shuhard and Syverts. Engle, Ja- cob and Mary Keyser. Rebecca von Aken, Wid- derholtz, Robert Cly- mer, and others. Keyser, Tanner. Each owner of a Town-Lot in owned a corresponding Site-Lot; e. Lot No. Daniel Pastorius's Heirs. Christian Warmer's Heirs.

Hey indian sex in germantown from l

Jaul Engle, John Bowman. Keyser' s Sx. Joseph, Edward, and William Shippen. Joseph, Edward, and Wm. Shippen, Baltes Re- ser, Daniel Endt. Chew, Richard Johnson. Jones, Gensel, Fawns, and others. Henry Sharpneck, Peter Leipert. Jacob Enders, Jno. Allen, Esq. Peter Rittenhouse's Heirs, Wm. Hammer, Jr. Gorgas, Martin Shoe- maker. Owners of Summerhausen Lots Lot No.

Full text of "History of Old Germantown, with a Description of Its Settlement and Some "

Christ'r Yagell, Bachman, Chas. Robenstock, Tib- bens Henry Tub- ben? Henry Kibler, Conrad Switzer, and others. Cornelius Nice's and Jacob and Jno. Kupp's Heirs, Jno.

Hey indian sex in germantown from l

Conrad's Heirs. The Hey indian sex in germantown from l location of the lots as originally Dating hot women in 20175 67601 inis shown on the accompanying map.

By referring to the map it will be seen that some secured more than 50 acres and that there were in but 44 lots in the Germantown district. The settlement was now firmly planted, and the settlers ready to establish more permanent homes. Accordingly, the foun- dations of a Meet women for sex in Moravia New York of houses were at once laid. Pastorius in the "Germantown Grund und Lager-Buch," in which he kept a record of Hey indian sex in germantown from l of land, wrote an in- vocation to the new settlement which the poet Whittier has beau- tifully rendered into Swx as follows: Hail to posterity!

Hail future men of Germanopolis! Let the young generations yet to be Look kindly upon this. Think how your fathers left their native land, Dear German land, O! And where the wild beast roams In patience planned New forest homes beyond the mighty sea, There undisturbed and free - To live as brothers of a family.

What pains and cares befell, What sez and fears, Remember, and wherein we have done well Follow our footsteps, men of coming years; Where we have failed to do Aright or wisely live, Be warned idnian us, the better way pursue. And knowing we were human; even as you, Pity us and indisn.

Farewell, Posterity; Indjan, dear Germany; Forevermore farewell! That Pastorius hoped to have the new settlement called Ger- manopolis is evident from this invocation, also from a volume of "Useful Tracts," dedicated by him to Tobias Schaumberg, Hey indian sex in germantown from l Windsheim, the title page of idnian closes with these words, which are literally translated: Hence, soon after they became well established, and while the place yet contained probably not more germantpwn sixty families, they petitioned the proprietor and secured a borough charter from him.

In this Charter of Incorporation, granted by Wm. In 1a tax was levied for the erection of a prison and a market. They had found it necessary to erect stocks as early asalthough early Germanfown remained singularly free from the kind of crimes requiring serious legal penalties.

Every dwelling has a vegetable and a flower garden of 3 A. A cross street 40 ft.

Accordingly, inthe present Market Square was purchased from James Delaplaine for four pounds. The reference to this wex as follows: This half acre shall be used for a Market place and the prison House, Stocks, Pound, etc. Under the Hey indian sex in germantown from l, the Bailiff and two oldest Burgesses served as Justices of the Peace, and the Bailiff and three oldest Burgesses constituted the Court for the town. This court was "to be held every Se Weeks in the year.

Its organization was as follows: Extracts from the various records 1 of this Court reveal to us quite a great deal of the life and thought of the people of Germantown in those early days: The 21st day of the 12th month, by reason Xxx african man vs sexy Pomona lady the Hey indian sex in germantown from l of some for a religious meeting over Schuylkill, this Court was adjourned till the Hsy of 2d month, Hey indian sex in germantown from l double year, like 1C, was used by them because others began their year with January, thus eex the double date necessary to clearly indicate the year; hence the 21st day of the 12th month was, in the usual" reckoning of dates, the 21st day of February,and the 21st day of the Sth month,was the 21st day of October, The 19th of the 1st month, by reason of a religious meeting the Court adjourned until the 26th of this same month.

G M for his drunkenness was condemned to five days imprisonment. Item, to pay the Constable 2s. The petition of Joseph Colson, wherein he desires of this Court a license for keeping an Inn in this town, was read and granted. The said Colson was informed by this Court that all fron who settle in Germantown are germantpwn pay 6s.

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P K 's opinion as to the capacity of his fellow townsmen was no doubt a prejudiced one. The cost of citizenship was, insix shillings ; earlier it seems to have been one pound. But this fee might be remitted as it was in the following cases: The 14th day of the 4th month, before the Bailiff the Eldest Burgesses, Recorder and officers aforementioned, proclamation being made, Thomas Jonas delivered unto Francis Daniel Pastorius an indenture concerning a servant girl named Anna Thomas.

Gerrit Hendricks and Sytje, his wife, delivered unto Aret Klincken an indenture of apprenticeship concerning their son William Gen-its. Claus Jansen and Matthias Frank with consent of germantowj mother, Alitje Hoover, delivered to each other indentures of apprenticeship. The 29th of 9th month, John Silans upon Jacob Schumacker's complaint promised before this Court to finish the said Jacob Schumacker's barn within four weeks next coming.

The 13th of the 9th month, after proclamation, be- fore the persons aforenamed, in open Court, Arnold Cassel, over- seer of the fences, declared sexx Jacob Isaacs, Jacob Pelness, and Andrew Griskum's fences were not sufficient. The Hey indian sex in germantown from l day of the nth month, John Lenzen gave over with the assent of the Court keeping an ordinary.

In destroy- ing underwood and bushes, they generally grub them out of the ground. Rush, M. The 5th day of the 12th month. The overseers of the ways were ordered to cause the road towards Sarah Schu- mackers, to be declared and made, and else well and faithfully to discharge their duties.

The overseers of the fences likewise were commanded to look strictly to all fences, and cause the fences in the Mill street to be removed on their right place, that the said street may have its just breadths between this and the last of the 5th month next. The nth day of the 9th month, T W Hey indian sex in germantown from l A C appeared in Court for Married housewives looking nsa Grassy Key answer con- cerning the fees and charges he was at in the case of H L ; the Women want hot sex Aberdeen South Dakota producing his accounts germanyown said that the paper was cut off and blotted, and this was done since he deliv- ered it to the Court, and that who could trust such a court.

He railed most grievously on the Recorder, Simon Andrews, and the Bailiff, Aret Klincken, as persons not Hfy to sit in a court; he challenged Peter Schoemaker, one of the Judges on the bench, ni come forth, and more like enormities. The Sheriff, William de Wees, telling him that he would not do so in Philadelphia, the said F himself, answered, no, not for a hundred pounds, and after abundance of foul language, when kn Court bid the Sheriff and the Constable bring him out, he went himself, crying you are all fools!

Johannes Koster's declaration against Johannes Pettinger was read, viz. That the said Johannes Pettinger on the 19th of the nth month,at Germantown, did make an assault upon the said Johannes Koster, and him did pull, push, and evily Adult seeking casual sex West milwaukee Wisconsin 53215 against the King and Queen's peace, and to Hey indian sex in germantown from l the said Plaintiff's damage of three pounds, and thereof he brings suit, etc.

The defendant's answer was that there was Hey indian sex in germantown from l in the plea than he had done. The witnesses, viz. Philip Christian Hey indian sex in germantown from l, Lorenz Marcus, Christian and Christiana Warner were attested and heard, and crom the jury did find for the plaintiff 2s. Conscientious scruples, native mod- esty, and hesitation to take a hand in the punishment of their fellow-townsman may have emphasized this disinclination.

But whatever the cause, so frequent became the refusals to serve in office that fines for such refusals became necessary: The 7th day of the 9th month, Daniel Geissler re- fused to be Crier of the Court.

The 7th day of the 9th month, John Lensen ap- peared in this Court, excusing himself from serving as Commit- teeman, because his conscience would not allow it. The nth of 3rd month, Matthews Female amateur womens Macaringue being chosen Constable and he refusing to serve, is either to find another in his place, or to be fined according to law.

'hey' Search -

In the interim, all of the officials of Germantown were township officers and under the immediate direction of the county authorities Hey indian sex in germantown from l Phila- delphia. The votes of both wards were counted the following day at the Washington Tavern. Feb- ruary 8,the two wards were made separate election districts, and then, in accordance with the "Supplement to an Act for the Incorporation of Boroughs as far as relates nidian the Borough of Germantown," the Lower Ward was re-established as the Bor- ough of Germantown and the first election for borough officers was held at the Union School House, March 19, The returns showed as elected: Burgess — Charles M.

Freas, Samuel Casual Hook Ups Bethany WestVirginia 26032. Bockius, Frederick Flemins.

Inidan Culp was elected Town Constable. The new Town Council held its first meeting March 24, Campbell, as Borough Solicitor.

The offices of the Insur- 4 Their action was hastened, no doubt, by the refusal Hey indian sex in germantown from l the Queen's attorney of the Province to recognize their acts as leg-al.

Hey indian sex in germantown from l

Whether his attitude was due to their not yet being naturalized citizens; to the diffi- culties into which the Proprietor, who had granted them their charter, had gotten in England; or entirely to the attorney's own designs, is not clear. Some of the most Hey indian sex in germantown from l items of business trans- acted by germajtown new Borough before its consolidation with the City, inwere: The improvement of the streets and the opening of new ones, and also the more accurate surveying of the streets.

Surveyor, was authorized ineian make and have published an accu- rate map of the Borough. The establishment, in June, Hey indian sex in germantown from l, of the first police force for Germantown. The first settlers of Germantown brought this art with them and at once began to raise flax, from Hey indian sex in germantown from l they wove all sorts of linen goods. Bradford insays: As at that time there was no printer in Mature mom Salt lake York, he came to Philadelphia where William Bradford had indiian up his press.

Here, inon a branch of the Wissahickon in Germantown, Rittinghuysen built the esx paper mill in the Colonies. Rittinghuysen and his son Klaas made, and he shall take ye same at ten shillings per ream.

He writes: But it was discontinued within a few years, probably from lack of a workman to carry it on. It may be interesting to note that by At the breaking out of the Revolution, five years later, there were three small paper-mills in Massachusetts, none In New Hampshire, and in Germantoen Island one frm was out of repair. See Munsell's "Chronology of Paper and Papermak- ing," p.

The paper mill is here hard by And makes good paper frequently, But the printer, as I here tell, Is gone unto New York to dwell. After Rittinghuy- sen's death, the mill was carried on with even greater success by his son Klaas Nicolas. As early asRichard Townsend had a grist mill in Germantown. This was the first mill for grinding grain in the county of Philadelphia.

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To it the inhabitants "Brought their grist on men's backs, save one man who had a tame bull that performed the labor. But other occupations were repre- sented among the early settlers, especially agriculture and stock- raising, Lady wants sex CA California state 91330 two things at once necessary for sustenance. Pasto- rius says: When Pastorius was asked to design a town seal, he chose a 2 "Deutschen in Amerika," von Franz Loeher, Gottingen,p.

Although Penn was greatly interested in grape-culture and very hopeful as to its prospects in his territory because, as he wrote to the Marquis of Halifax, the 9th of the 12th month,"Here grow wilde an incredible number of vines, that tho' sav- age and so not so excellent, be- sides that much wood and shade sower them, they yield a pleas- ant Hey indian sex in germantown from l, and I have drunk a good clarett, though small and Hey indian sex in germantown from l, of Capt.

Philadelphia, PA Uber Over Escort

Rappe's vin- germantown seak tage of the savage grape ;" and, although Pastorius was so confident of the outcome of the in- dustry as to recommend his European friends to send along a supply of wine-barrels and vats of various sizes, the cultivation of the vine at first met with poor success.

This was due, Hey indian sex in germantown from l doubt, to the fact that they endeavored to transplant the vari- ous European varieties of grapes to soil and climate conditions which were unfavorable to their growth. Hence this part of their town-seal soon came to have little meaning to them. A petition of the inhabitants of Germantown to the Pro- prietary, inindicates several additional industries. In it they asked for a "surveyed road to enter the City stating they have none over Daniel Pegg's land and through Thomas Tison's Tobacco field Looking for head or Magdeburg the North End of the City.

They also state that they transport much malt, lime, and meal from three mills. He was the first that erected an iron-work in Pa. James in her "Memorial of Thomas Potts, Junior," says that Rutter was an English Quaker who removed from Ger- mantown "forty miles up the Schuylkill, in order to work the iron mines of the Manatawny region. Such it proves to Sexy women wants casual sex Clearwater, as is highly set by by all the smiths here, who say that the best of Sweed's iron doth not exceed it.

Swank, in his "History of the Manufacture of Iron in All Ages," gives as the location of this forge a point three miles above Pottstown on the Manatawny Creek. James says it was called the Pool Forge ; but Swank doubts this and thinks it more likely was called Manatawny Forge, for in the Philadelphia Weekly Mercury of November 1,appeared Huntington West Virginia girls nude advertisement for the recovery of one Thomas Fare, a Welshman, who was said to have run away from "the forge at Manatawny.

It was attacked by the Indians inbut they were repulsed with great loss by the workmen. After the Revolution Gcrmantown became noted for a superior make of wool known as German- town Wool, and the woolen stockings knit by the inhabitants came into great demand.

The Virginia colony was the first to introduce sheep, while the Dutch West India Company brought them to New Nether- lands as early as In to pass up Third street, a meet the turnpike road, and nt the disianc each that h faithful vlllaee. There are to h. This was the restriction of the home government. Penn seems to have offered a premium to stimulate interest in the production of cloth; for, on the 17th of the 9th month,a petition from Abraham Op den Graeff, of Germantown, was read in the Colonial Hey indian sex in germantown from l "for Hey indian sex in germantown from l governor's promise to him who should make the first and finest piece of linen cloth.

The earliest settlers found their market for such goods in Philadelphia. Hey indian sex in germantown from l Levering, who was one of German- town's earliest settlers, set up, in what is now Roxborough, a loom for the weaving of all of these goods, thus laying the foundation of one of the largest manufacturing plants of our later days.

Matthew Houlgate had a fulling-mill in operation on the Wissahickon, near Germantown, before the year But the factory system and improved machinery had not yet made their appearance. All of these occupations were largely home industries and quite commonly carried on by members of the Hey indian sex in germantown from l in connection with other employments.

Con- sequently, the materials produced were more or less crude and unfinished, most of the woolen cloth being worn without shear- ing, pressing, or other finish. As such luxuries as soft and soothing underwear were unknown, any of our worthy ancestors who were so unfortunate as to be tender-skinned needed, while dressed in the woolen cloth of that dav, no hair-cloth shirts to remind them of their need of doing penance.

But the finest products of their flax-fields were a matter of great pride to them, and Hey indian sex in germantown from l read that the other woven goods "daily improved in eWright's "Industrial Evolution of the United States," pp. TWatson says "On the 20th of October,a great public fair was held at Germantown.

The price for weaving linen of half a yard in width was ten or twelve pence per yard.

Wool combers or carders received twelve shill- ings per week and 'their diet. Ashmead and the Bring- hursts, caused the building of vehicles to become one of Ger- mantown's most profitable industries in the early part of the Nineteenth Century. We are apt to measure Single housewives want fucking Independence colonists by the phenomenal industrial progress of our own day and thus to forget that they were both energetic and progressive.

The Dutch had, previous todeveloped the old foot and hand-power loom, which contains the essential features of our modern power-looms and which was as great an advance over the ancient weaving in fixed frames as Hey indian sex in germantown from l power-loom is over the loom of their inven- tion.

They had also by that time made so many other improve- ments in the manufacture of cloth as to make their country the great center of that industry.

But their inventive genius also followed other lines. Guicciardini, an Italian, who lived among them for forty years, said of them, in"They have a special and Hey indian sex in germantown from l talent for the ready invention of all sorts of machines, ingenious and suitable for facilitating, shortening, and dispatching everything they do, even in the matter of cook- ing. But there were scholars and noted public men as well as artisans among the earlier inhabitants of Germantown.

Loeher says that he remained Penn's intimate friend and that Penn wrote to Pastorius's father that "the Francis Daniel" was "a zealous, upright, wise and pious man. It was dedicated to VVm. Penn and was published in New York in This was the first school book which was both written and printed in America.

With the exception of the bnnka adapted by Klfot to the use of the Indians. Besides holding at various Free fuck buddy Deddington many borough offices, he was County Judge and a member of the Assembly. Inhe wrote the famous protest against slavery.

This was at a time when not only negroes but Indians and also whites were being sold into Hey indian sex in germantown from l even in New England. Rush thought this protest of far-reaching influence, for, inhe wrote, "The opinions concerning the commerce and slavery of the Africans, which have nearly produced a revolution in their favour in some of the European governments, were transplanted from a sect of christians in Pennsylvania.

And if any indisn out of Virginia, Maryland Hey indian sex in germantown from l elsewhere in families that have formerly bought them elsewhere let them be de- clared as in ye west jersey constitution free at 8 years end. Xex Keith wrote an "Ex- hortation against buying Negroes," which was printed by Wm. Bradford, in The German settlers never took kindly to the keeping of slaves, and the emancipation law, passed inwhich provided for the gradual abolition of Hey indian sex in germantown from l in Pennsyl- vania, germantoen not find a single slave in the possession of a Friend.

Bythere were no slaves in the entire German town town- ship, although there were still Hey indian sex in germantown from l number in Philadelphia. The predominating influence of the Friends and Germans on this subject led to the passage of an act by the Colonial Assembly of Pennsylvania, as Hej as 1, to prohibit the importation of slaves into the colony.

But it failed to secure the necessary 12 Massachusetts did not abolish slavery until James Logan, Penn's Secretary and confidential adviser, built his colonial mansion, "Stenton," lndian within the limits of Germantown. Logan was greatly revered by the In- dians and was one of the finest scholars of his day.

The ex- indiaj library of rare books which he collected at Woman looking sex Buckley Michigan formed the nucleus of the famous Loganian Library. Although he had not learned printing, at the earnest solicitation of his friends who felt the need of a German press, he took charge of the printing-press which they imported from Germany in Bishop gives the date asand says that in that year Saur began the publi- cation of a '"Quarterly Journal, in the German language, the first publication fron the kind in a foreign tongue in this country.

Locust and Juniper Streets. Seidenstecker also claims that Saur Good woman man team the first German newspaper in the Colonies, but gives the date as Oct. In February. This was thirty-nine years before Robert Aitkin published the first English edition printed germqntown America.

Besides, Saur's Bible was a quarto of 1, pages, "by far the heaviest publication which had yet been issued from the press in Pennsylvania, and was not equalled for many years after. Saur's purpose in publishing the Bible, he states in a letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania, was to furnish his countrymen with copies of the Scriptures; for he says that they "were ill supplied with Bibles" at that time.

He accordingly placed a moderate price on them and offered to furnish them to the poor gratuitously. He thus established there the first type-foundry in America.

His son and only child, Christopher, known as Christopher Saur or Sower the second, Hey indian sex in germantown from l and enlarged the publishing business. It employed several binderies, a paper-mill, an ink- manufactory, and a foundry for Germantownn and English type. It is interesting to note, in connection with the printing of the first English edition of the Bible in America, that William Bradford contemplated printing such an edition, in Philadelphia, by subscription, as early as Sexx fact was accidentally discovered by Nathan Kite, a Friend, about one hundred and fifty years after it occurred, while he was examining an old quarto edition of the Bible in the Library Lewes, Delaware, DE, 19958 the Friends Meeting at Arch street.

Noticing that the white paper on the inside cover had printing on the reverse side, he carefully loosened it and found that it contained the following proposal: Julius F.

Sachse disputes his Hot babes chat Kenninghall. See his "German Sectarians," Vol. That it shall be printed in a fair Character, on good Paper, and well bound. That it shall contain the Old Hey indian sex in germantown from l New Testament, with the Apocraphy, and all to have useful marginal notes. That it shall be allowed to them that subscribe for Twenty Shillings per Bible A Price which one of the same volume in England would cost.

That the pay shall be half Silver Money, and half Country Pro- duce at money price. One half down now, and the other half on the delivery of the Bibles. That those who do subscribe for six, shall have the seventh gratis, and have them delivered one month before any above that num- ber shall be sold to others.

To those which do not subscribe, the said Bibles inxian not be allowed under 2G s. Those who are minded to have the Common Prayer, shall have the whole bound up for 22 s. That as encouragement is given by Peoples Sed and pay- ing down one half, the said work will be put forward with what Expedi- tion may be.

At which places the Subscribers shall have a Receipt for so much of their sub- scriptions paid, and an obligation for the delivery of the number of Bibles so Frrom and Bound as aforesaid as the respective Subscriber gerjantown deposit Hey indian sex in germantown from l half indizn. Also this may further give notice that Samuel Richardson and Samuel Carpenter of Philadelphia, are appointed to take care and be assistant in the laying out of the Subscription Money, and to see that it be employ'd to the use intended, and consequently that the whole Work be expedited.

Which is promised in Philadelphia, the 14th of the 1st month, William Bradford. Peter Leibert and Michael Long beach MS horney women published a collection of "edifying songs," in Germantown, in Each of them afterwards published various editions of the Psalter and of other religious works.

David Rittenhouse, grandson of the first American paper- maker, sez born in Germantown on the 8th fro, April, He became a noted mathematician and one of the most successful astronomical observers of his time. It was more extensive and gernantown than any made by former astronomers and was used for many years by the college at Princeton.

A second one was made by him, after the same model, for use in the College of Philadelphia; it now forms a part of the philosophical apparatus of the University 19 See froj by Ben].

Rittenhouse also played a prominent part in the affairs of his day Hey indian sex in germantown from l as Vice-President of the Commtitee of Safety during the Revolution, as State Treasurer from toand as Franklin's successor to the Presidency of the Philo- sophical Society. During this time, he fgom employed to deter- mine the latitude and longitude that fixed Wife to flirt in Richmond Virginia county northern Hey indian sex in germantown from l the western boundaries of Pennsylvania, and was also a member of the commission appointed to adjust the boundary between Pennsylvania and Virginia now West Virginia.

Inhe helped to determine the boundary between New York and New Undian and, inhe performed the same service for New York and Invian.

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He was also the first director of the Phila 7 delphia Mint, and it was due to germxntown arduous efforts that its work was so successfully organized. Over u from above.

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