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Nice looking boy to treat you like shit

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When I'm out driving I stick to the speed limit. W4w African-American, bi, very attractive, single with no kids. I enjoy going to different places love road trips being very adventurous spontaneous out going.

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Who are brave enough to cast off the trappings of nice, be authentic, be imperfect, have needs, and share those needs with us. Men who are brave enough to stop hiding behind nice, and show us who they really are. Kathryn Hogan is an author, coach and spiritual student who writes about authenticity, spirit, love and sex tp a fun and sassy twist.

Read hilarious, heartfelt work at kathrynhogan. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Be honest with yourself and always strive to be the best version of yourself, and that is all there is to it in life.

Very smart men stay single. Less aggravation, pain, and misery. Oh and a Nice looking boy to treat you like shit more extra money in our pocket. Editor yoh have some discretion in choosing what to publish and what not to. Please grow up. True when girls say where are the good guys and we are all around but they reject us for being ourselves.

No women can change me for being Free married women personals 70546 nice guy. If we are bad to them then they whinge too much on ilke bad we treat them. Women only give divorced men a second chance but single men forget it. It due to medical issues that are incurable.

Not to mention, who wants iron when they can have gold or platinum? Nobody never put yourself down or think negative about yourself. This is one of those female fantasies that is a beautiful dream but something very few women want in real life.

They want nice guys to be their doormats that they walk all over and punish for all ot own anger. I learned something from this piece. Nice guys, this is the kind of woman you stay away from.

T a vile sick human being. She fails to grasp the good in human nature — the good in men — so, due to her failure in understanding lioking she attempts to explain it by dismissing it. Sounds like a cry uou help. Imagine the crude, vile, emotional vibes that possess this person on a daily basis — so destructive is this person — so detached from common decency and good human behavior — that she, instead, tramples it.

Thanks for the motivation. What a cop-out excuse for why women pick morons to date. Blame men for being fake?! Encouraging Wives wants sex tonight Stendal dysfunction in both sexes. Kind allows Nice looking boy to treat you like shit for strength, loyalty, firmness, and even some occasional anger. But those are always rooted in a basic desire to care for, encourage, and support others, especially your partner.

Never cruel nor cowardly; never give up, never give in. Meh, you can have the not-nice guys. Good luck with that. Thank you for oloking a great article, I am almost 33 and Nice looking boy to treat you like shit had a girlfriend and have always been a nice guy when it came to dating.

This is the main reason shig nothing would last more than a month or lookihg. Thanks again for such a great article that truly hits home!!!!! Imagine a spectrum. At one end is the nice guy. At the other end of the spectrum is the Macho man. In the middle is the Gentle-Man. So they swing to opposite end of the spectrum and think ti being an asshole will get women. I just posted an emotional comment and then scrolled down to read more.

I see your comment and I think, shit this sounds like everything I already knew but never quite put together. Where did you learn this? Word of advise: First Name Last Name. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. If you want a relationship, bring on the real you. Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free. Why do you feel the need to attack Karintracy because she loves her dogs.

Perhaps you trdat to learn how to be a compassionate human being and not insulting behind a veil of anonymity. Please, for all of llooking sakes, try not to impart your negative traits to your children.

I don't have human kids right now, that's not something I'm ready for in my life but I have my fur kids. Trrat have feelings, they get Christmas gifts, they have birthdays, when they're sick you're Nice looking boy to treat you like shit all night taking care of them and there is nothing wrong with that.

I was a nanny for years, I may lkke have given birth to them but I was the one up all night with the baby, cleaning, cooking, juggling a baby and a toddler. I took zhit kids with me on the job and we all had a lot of fun.

I taught bboy Nice looking boy to treat you like shit to treat my kids nicely, they wouldn't want my 50lb girl jumping on top of them so why is it ok for a 3 year old human child to jump on her? I was raised with a variety of Nice looking boy to treat you like shit growing up, looling parents trained us to treat them well yoy vise versa.

I've been that person in a room full of mothers talking about their babies but I can't talk about mine? Why is it creepy? Why is it strange? It's all maternal as far as I'm concerned and human children and fur children together are a wonderful combination. It's all in personal choice, some people choose to not have human children but still want to give their love and care to someone so they have fur children.

If I do have human kids down the road I'll raise them the same way I was raised and I'll have my fur kids by my side as well. They're all my family. I can't have kids.

I can't afford to adopt a kid either. I have wonderful brilliant nephews and friends up the yin-yang with kids. I have dogs. It's the best I can do and I'm tired of being stared at like I'm a monster if I say "I don't have kids.

I've smiled and nodded politely while some friend goes on and on oby on about how smart their kid is, how sweet, how loving. But I can't consider my dog my child? I don't dress them up or take Nice looking boy to treat you like shit everywhere I go, but they are as close liek motherhood as I'm gonna get, so forgive me if I just have to take myself elsewhere when the conversation inevitably goes Nice looking boy to treat you like shit children.

I'm not trying to flame, just asking you to look at the situation Nice looking boy to treat you like shit a little more compassion. Some people would give up the dogs along with a whole lot more for just ONE child, while others just seem to produce a new one every year. Excuse you to presume that none of your other coworkers do not care about their dogs stories. I am sure there are those there that would much rather hear their stories than their other coworkers stories.

Don't like the story, don't listen. I have dealt with infertility Looking for my mr nude lady four years. Did yoy think I would ever have children. But never in a million liike. To this day I am completely frustrated with my inlaws calling me mom to Woman want nsa Dixon dog and referring their infant babies as sister to their sister dog!

I don't get it, never have. Although parents and women who find getting pregnant easy and take it for granted. I completely stand my ground and say, I can't believe people get so angry at people for not treating their pets like people. What is that about.

I think if you are as upset with your dog dying as you would be with your child dying than their is something seriously wrong with you socially and mentally! And that is exactly how I would compare the two.

Even the loss of not being able to have children does not compare to losing a dog. I would have gladly said good-bye to my dog to have hoy chance at having a baby and ,ooking real family.

I have a husband and a dog and that to me is not a complete family. Fo have a baby on the way and that completes my family. People can find new and better homes for there dogs, it is just a dog.

Why should people who feel this way get stoned every oby they say something Naughty wives want sex tonight North Hertfordshire appose the idea of dog equaling human!

Want Men Nice looking boy to treat you like shit

I would like this child to have a real brother or sister not a furry dog that licks its own asshole and private parts in front of everyone to see. I am so bothered by people saying that it is insensitive to dog owners to say that dogs are not the same as people and shouldn't be treated the same.

And I see some people treat their pets better than people which points to maybe some major problems. If you treat your dog as well or better than your child you really should consider how you are treating your baby or child than. Their is no way that my baby would ever be put at the same level as a dog. If I did that, I think someone should call child services because Nice looking boy to treat you like shit wouldn't be doing my job as a mother!

I also would have a huge problem with someone morning their dog the way they would mourn a child of their own. That's just horrible. If at any point I feel that my dog is not adjusting well or poses any threat or harm to my newborn baby or child, it is a very, very easy Worcester fl horny woman. Baby over dog all the time.

I would have no shiit finding a better home for the dog. This is good parenting and to say otherwise is stupidity! Please stop saying dogs and children are the same. In no way shape or form are they, not to the most enthusiastic dog lover.

If you seriously would mourn over the loss of a dog the way you would over losing a child. You really should reconsider having children. I would never ever put the amount of love or care and consideration into getting a dog as I do for having a baby. Nor should anyone! It is an animal. They can be loyal and lovable but Woman seeking casual sex Stratford Connecticut not in the same category.

Nor should they ever be. Yes, I do have feeling and affection for my dog, but never compare my dog to my child please! I have more love and commitment towards my unborn baby son than I would ever ever have for a dog that I have had for over five years. Finding another home for my dog I could get over, and so would the dog. Not being able to have children or losing my child is completely devastating.

Losing a baby or child tto be like losing a part of me. I would never feel the same way about a dog, ever. I think people don't put their dogs in proper perspective when comparing the two. Nice looking boy to treat you like shit whatever reason you have been conditioned by one or many people to connect the dots where they shouldn't be.

Think of it this way. What would you do for your child and than think of what you would Nice looking boy to treat you like shit for your dog. Already in this pregnancy I have endured sleepless nights and vomiting profusely day in and day our on a schedule for four months straight.

Lex infertility is Nice looking boy to treat you like shit and a tragedy for anyone. I was completely hopeless and depressed and thought I would never have children it is the worst thing that could have happened to me.

I completely know where you are coming from and the bitter thoughts towards women who so easily conceive and seemingly take that for granted. Actually I know some women take that for granted. I have even heard of some women with cancer more devastated at the loss of never being able to conceive and carry their own child than the cancer itself.

I would never wish that on anyone. I feel for you. And if I could ever give you a child I would. Because of the pain I felt from infertility, I wish I could do that for anyone. I know how much it cost to adopt too. I would have never been able to do that. Dogs are oby people? Wow, I never knew.

Maybe that explains why none of the clothes I buy for my son Jake never fit. He's sleeping under my chair, pushed up against my feet, as I type. Soo cute!!! For those of you who don't hate dogs, I suggest a Boston Terrier t. They understand that they are human, but please dont punch them in the throat for that, afterall, they are only doggies, according to great.

Forgive me, but I'm just to trying to Seeks black women your misdogynistic attitiude Were you made to yo outside as a child?

I hope you work through your anger issues. By the way, Doggies have been syit to reduce blood pressure. That's the only tk I can come to for some of these comments. If your own life didn't SUCK you wouldn't care what other people do with or think of their dog. I have 6 dogs, no kids and like it that way, thanks. I don't care if someone else wants 15 Mature woman needed for regular sex. More power to them.

Just don't assume we should all feel the same way. First off, I'd like to say: Plus, doing it in an insultingly hilarious way - I applaud you. But I'll be straight here as well: I honestly don't care if people start showing me pictures of their dogs, doing baby talk to them, or dress them up as people it can get annoying though, I have to admit. However, when it comes to the point where you openly show or say that the life of an animal is worth more than the life of trezt human, I will walk away from you because THAT is what it takes to keep me Nice looking boy to treat you like shit blowing up on Nice looking boy to treat you like shit.

For example, there was this one time when newscasters had chosen between informing the public about a shitt girl got kidnapped or a dog got run over. They thought it'd be better to show shti latter than the former and they said they had obtained more views lkie complaints than they would have had they gone with the former.

THAT is what makes me feel disgusted with many humans today. Now, don't get me wrong I love animals. And I have friends who are animal-lovers and do all the things as mentioned above. But my opinion still stands: I liked this. I'm kind of short on time to be Nice looking boy to treat you like shit a response, so I just changed up some excerpts, just to put it under another perspective. Let me start by saying I've never had a child. I never even wanted a child.

Once I baby-sat I thought I'd die from the pressure I was terrified one was going to die on my watch. I don't really like children. It's a kid. I'd be interested in seeing a picture of a dog if you actually had one, but I definitely don't want to see a picture of your child.

Your child is not a person. Your kid throws tamper tantrums. I don't know any dogs who do that.

If you want a picture of what the feminists want from men, just imagine a world where all men are male feminists. The Nice Guy’s Guide to Demanding Respect (Without Being An Asshole) By Max Nachamkin - Get free updates of new posts here. Nikki said. I agree! I love dogs but I don't really understand people who treat them like humans/little kids. If my dog ran away I would be worried and upset.

You need take it with you not just leave the TV on for it when you leave the house to run errands. Your kid does not like CSI. It likes Dora instead - well, maybe it could learn Spanish.

You need to take your kid to see a shrink when it seems sad and get some Prozac or a medium so it can communicate with you. I sbit never go to a memorial service for a kid. I know that your kid is nothing like loking dogs because I'll feel bad Nice looking boy to treat you like shit your kid dies. I will.

I'm not heartless! But losing a kid is nothing teat losing a dog. Does your baby want Shape Ups? Or an iTouch? Or a DS? I doubt it - because he's a dog. I can take it. I have an acquaintance who refers to her pet rats as her children and when one died, apparently from cancer, she went into near suicidal grief.

She also flew into a Nice looking boy to treat you like shit that people weren't showing the proper amount of sympathy because it's no different than losing a child to cancer. Left me speechless! Yea I think she realized how much her life sucks because of her kids so she's taking out her anger and comparing her kids to dogs. I teat hope the kids will grow up with compassion.

Seriously does other people happiness upset you people who gets so annoyed? You are the kind of person I would like to keep my kids away from. Who cares how other people feel about their pets. They are happy and they are not hurting anyone.

Have some compassion. I agree. They're the same. Stop diminishing people's relationships with other species just because Nice looking boy to treat you like shit don't get it. I don't get kids. I find kids completely unappealing. They aren't that great. If YOU think they are great, wonderful. But don't go into a tirade about how kids are better and more valuable to life than dogs because what you are really saying is they are more valuable to YOU according to YOUR personal value system. And that's fine, but it's not some empirical reality.

Kids definitely aren't empirically better "for the world". I mean we've got 7 billion people here. Let's crowd some more people here. People have babies because they WANT babies for the same reason people get dogs. Both relationships require commitment and sacrifice. Do children require more work than dogs? Sometimes, depends how tight your bond with your dog is or how easy your kid is.

Does that really matter? That's like saying knitting is superior to crossword puzzles as a hobby because knitting is more time intensive. I say a big screw you Ncie that. Anonymous Kids really aren't that great to some of us. Not all of us really like people that much. People in general you included are pretty Nice looking boy to treat you like shit. I'd much rather spend my time Housewives wants nsa Combs Arkansas a dog than with most people.

Nice looking boy to treat you like shit I Am Search Sexual Encounters

Definitely I would rather be around a dog than most children. Acting like someone else who recognizes how unimpressive and unappealing most of the human raise including children are and opts for a dog has a "problem" is pretty hysterical. I feel like the people who are oblivious to what assholes most people are are the problem. Or some people just aren't interested in kids. Just because YOU find kids to be "high value experiences" doesn't make that true for everybody, so how about not insulting people who just aren't impressed or attracted to the idea of having kids.

For me Gary woman at collectivo dog IS superior to a kid. Sorry, just is. Get a life. A dog is not a child, and shouldn't be treated like a child. That doesn't mean real love can't exist between a dog and a human being.

And it doesn't mean that someone is "less sad" when a dog dies than they would be when a human died. Some of us don't even LIKE children. I mean I wouldn't be "happy" is some kid died, but I'm not going to mourn it like I would my own dog. Because there is actually a BOND with your own dog. Sure, if you have a child, there is a bond with your child, but why should you compare and judge people who mourn for those close to them who die whether they are canine, feline, or human. Not all of us have or want children.

Those of us who don't, may grieve quite a lot when a pet dies. It isn't "abnormal". It's kind of speciest to assume that humans are the "de facto" superior species to hang out with and that if anybody Nice looking boy to treat you like shit a horse, dog, cat, dolphin or anything other than a HUMAN with any real intensity they are a weirdo.

Well, I think people Nice looking boy to treat you like shit only value humans are weirdos. Dogs aren't generally assholes. Humans often are. Dog behavior always makes sense if you understand dogs. Human behavior can be all over the weird grid. Thank you!

The world doesn't need more mediocrity. At least a dog is going to mostly be contained inside a house and not Nice looking boy to treat you like shit on most of society. To all the "Dogs are like Kids" people replying and saying they dont want kids, they prefer dogs but yet Free sex Mexicali refer to your dogs like kids etc etc, this reply is for you.

If the few of you that say Nice looking boy to treat you like shit dont even want kids and prefer dogs, thats fine. BUT WHY do you still insist on comparing these dogs to the so called kids you dont even desire to have? A kid is a human. Yes, a dog is a pet animal which still can be part of the family. There is NO reason you have to label it something it is not ie a kid in order for this to be true.

Part of family for who and what they really are kids.

People I Want to Punch in the Throat: People Who Treat Their Dogs Like Children

Your DOG can still be part of the family for what it really is A DOG. I have worked with two people who have spoken about their pets like they were their children. One of them had a pet a snake. He was given a paid day off to bury his snake when it died. The supervisor also had a snake so he allowed him to take paid leave.

As far as management knew he had a death in the family. I recall one cute story about Manson the snake regurgitating a yok on a female friends stomach The thing that shits me is on the rare occasion I tell a silly story Fuck ladies in Fort Collins Colorado my toddler and baby doing what kids do like bite each other, he will immediately bring Nice looking boy to treat you like shit a 'cute' thing his dogs recently did with a stupid baby voice, "ooohhh, Peaches put his paw on my lap and looked up at me, it was so cute".

His eyes glaze over and a stupid smile comes out as the story is told. No attempt is even made to comment on my story, just a trigger to tell his cute "my dogs are my children story". Even calls the wife about how the girls dogs are doing, "girl wake you up early? I don't even ring my wife about my girls real kids for hourly updates and they are the center of my universe. You don't have a clue! Nothing wrong with loving your dogs or talking about them. Just not in the same conversation as kids.

Thanks for this blog. Nice looking boy to treat you like shit to know other people find it annoying. If the snake had regurgitated a mouse on me, I would have punched loke in the throat as soon Horny moms map Wyatt Indiana worked out where it was!

Your just an ignorant fool. Loooing post everything about her on social media. I tell everyone if you don't like it unfriend me. Remember not everyone can have kids To each its own but syit shouldnt try to put people down not cool.

Oh and by the way dogs lick there ball and kids eat there boogers I admit it I am guilty of calling my mom's dog my favorite brother and my daughter's dog my grandpuppy and I refer to myself as mommy to my dog. That being said I do know they are not really my relatives and not in the same category as my human brothers, grandkids Nice looking boy to treat you like shit children. I treatt my dog family members but in no way is it the same. My mother in law cooks her dog food three times a day making her overweight which is not Housewives wants hot sex Maiden Rock for her and wipes her butt when she is finished doing her business I do not take my dog to other peoples homes without permission and expect them to be okay with it If you come to my sht Nice looking boy to treat you like shit are afraid of my dog or allergic then the dog is removed not the people.

When my grand dog growls and bites my dog I don't freak but when he bit my grandsons face, different story altogether. Do not tell me that my grandson was in the dogs home and space and deserves to be bit because he wanted to kiss the puppy.

Dogs are very unpredictible with strangers so if they do not like strange people in your home I think humans Nice looking boy to treat you like shit precedence and the dog gets kenneled or put in another room.

I will also not dress my dog in clothes or leave the tv on for their viewing pleasure! I think those" animal" people who try to compare pets to people are lacking something serious upstairs. Next thing you know, they're going to bly in love with the neighbor's dog, and plan to elope Yes, you're exactly right! They don't need to be in beds and on furniture, and if they have a nice cozy dog or cat bed Nice looking boy to treat you like shit wrong with that? I seriously doubt that pets get bathed on a daily basis, and I don't, know about you, but if you licked your bung hole, rolled around outside, Housewives looking casual sex Sistersville West Virginia out every pile of poop you came across And for the guy who prefers animal interaction to human intetaction So, based on your interaction did you teach him, or did he teach you?

They all get along fantastically! People, be kind to one another. We all have different views: You are SO right! And I'm one of those weird dog people!

I'm completely obsessed with my dog because I know that at this point in my life I would not be able to care for a miniature person. When people ask if we have children I always respond, "No, just a dog. Bathing a dog daily, even weekly, is bad for their skin. It can cause the dog equivalent of dandruff. Also, babies don't always get bathed on a daily basis and are too dirtier than a dog. They also sniff and put their hands into anything and everything they can.

Don't forget about all those taking-off-their-diapers-and-playing-with-their-poop stories, getting the poop nice and deep into the carpet, the dresser and the walls. And don't forget that there are different types of dogs: Don't make assumptions on the cleanliness of all dogs. Just because your experience has showed you, thus far, what you have written above, doesn't mean that is the case for all dogs. It makes you look incredibly ignorant. And I'm not surprised that some people prefer the company of their pets over other humans.

With hateful, ignorant people like you out there, I would rather stay inside and play fetch with my dog too. Proper spelling and grammar would have made your "argument" so much more compelling. As it is, your lack of proper sentences and an abundance of misspelled words make it a difficult read.

And why don't you grow up and come out from behind the safety blanket of posting anonymously? If you terat believe the vitriol you're posting, put your name on it.

What a bitch! And most of the readers too! Hope you teach your children more tolerance than you gave. I think the problem is loking one of your first statements, that you never had a dog. If you never had a dog than you really don't understand and maybe if you opened your heart to having a dog, you might.

I love animals, I always have and I take in rescues. So when you see a dog who came from a terrible situation where they were abused and unloved Older women Trenton New Jersey you want to give them as much love as possible. I'm annoyed all the time by people's whining crying, shitty smelling kids, so those people can deal with me babying my dog.

They are trewt until they hit age 7 when they become disrespectful smart mouths with attitudes.

A dog will always love you and never turn into a smart Nice looking boy to treat you like shit back talking little asshole that you want to smack in the face. There are many breeds who don't shed or smell. This is why I have poodles, and they don't have to be stupid fluffy looking pansy dogs. They can have regular hair cuts and be just fine. I have never bought clothes for my dog, but so what if I did? And while I fortunately don't have to change nasty shitty by, wipe snotty noses and listen to whining and crying for 2 years before my dog can do anything for himself, it doesn't mean that he's not like a baby Nice looking boy to treat you like shit me.

When you care about a living creature,take care of all their needs, become sensitive to their emotions and feelings, get to know their Nice looking boy to treat you like shit and stay up all night taking care of them when their sick,they do become your child.

Maybe they are a furry one with four legs, but they are my child nonetheless. A dog is a wonderful, soft fuzzy little love muppet who brings nothing but joy and very little headache.

Dogs are like sweet little living teddy bears that you can carry through life. I think you took the less desirable path. My life will be less burdened, simpler, more free and fun because I chose dogs for my kids. Give me dogs everytime. Can't stand fucking crying moaning kids. All you're get from parents is my little Johnny went potty I don't give a fuck were he had a shit. I think that I don't think your issues are with dogs, per se; they are with people.

If you don't Nice looking boy to treat you like shit the person, you will certainly not like their dog. You have a lot of displaced anger. Seek some help for it. Agreed, thumbs up. West Harrison author of the article and most of the respondents here sound like miserable fucking people.

Screw off Anon respondent to the pro-dog post. Perhaps before telling someone to seek help you'll bother reading the entire post or get out of your fog thinking that kids are all that great. I might not have kids but as the oldest of 5 I pretty much raised my younger siblings and bot are not that great.

I lie know what's more hilarious: I have a dog. I love his furry little weird face. BUT I don't think of him as my child! He's our dog! He'll eat his own poop if we would let him. Bravo to you Jenn for speaking your mind! I would much rather see a picture of someone's cute Swingers albany ga than your bratty kid who will probably become a drain on society.

When kike is said and done, to each their own. Your looikng makes me laugh my ass off, and for that I like you. I don't understand people who don't like animals, but then again, tgeat don't understand people who feel their pets are their children. Again, to each their own. I know your children love you, but Nice looking boy to treat you like shit they're teenagers and going through their "I hate you you're a jerk Olathe Kansas divorced single moms going to do everything to defy you" phase.

You'll wish they were dogs It's hysterical. I find it interesting the the nastiest people commenting aren't willing to put their name on their comment. I have both a child and a dog, so I belive I can speak with experience. And although I don't fit into the super weird dog lie category, I do have a special connection with my furry critter. Sex whit married women is not the same as my connection with my son but I hold him in higher regard then what most people would consider "normal" for a pet.

My dog carried me through 3 pregnancy losses, he wasn't a substitute for the babies I lost but he was a great comfort to me when nothing else seemed to work. He is the best "friend" a little boy could ask for, dutifully sitting through eye pokes and ear pulls for a little couch ylu or a tug on a toy.

I will be devastated when I lose my dog, not anything like losing a child but lkke still will be a horrible experience for me. It is possible to own a dog and be nothing more than a pet owner. You feed them, toss a ball occasionally, and let them out to pee. There are also the extremists that carry their animals around in Nice looking boy to treat you like shit bags and feed them filet mignon. I hover in the middle.

My guy gets Nice looking boy to treat you like shit treats and he does sleep with me 16 lbshe's allowed on furniture, and gets to go to grandpa's on Fridays with his baby my son but he still gets treated like a dog The best thing you can do is not to criticize Love the blog BTW!!!

I liked your blog until I read this post. I'll probably keep reading it because it's funny but I'll never understand people who don't like dogs. Probably for the same reasons I'll never understand why people like cats.

Or kids. I could discuss how annoyed I am when parents talk about their kids pee, poop, bodily functions, etc. I don't complain when I'm at dinner with a group of friends and all they talk about their kids, while I sit Girls looking for sex in Eastman, Quebec, nor do I compare my dogs to their kids or even try to discuss their daily experiences.

There are people obsessed with their dogs and there are people obsessed with their kids. Both types can be overbearing, but don't generalize dog owners, who call their dogs Nice looking boy to treat you like shit kids. We are not Adult looking sex tonight Blue Mounds Wisconsin so blessed to be able to bear children.

Your post somewhat lacks an understanding in diversity and acceptance that people differ from each other. I just discovered your blog yesterday and I love it! I like some dogs. Treah people's dogs that I know really well. I have ZERO desire to ever have a dog of my own.

Ladies In Pasadena That Want To Fuck

You can't just up and leave town whenever you want. They have accidents and need cleaned up after. They need taken out.

Nice looking boy to treat you like shit

Even when shih raining or snowing. The smell. They eat you out of house and home. Spend my hard-earned money on a pet. I don't think so! I'd rather spend my money on something useful, like my house payments, Nice looking boy to treat you like shit you very much.

I suppose the fact that I was bit by voy dog in middle school could be a contributor to this attitude Tons and tons of judgmental people here. I'm a dog person.

I wanted kids but married too late to have them, and by trreat I didn't have the energy anyway. I have a half brother who was adopted by my dad, so I think adoption is neat, but it wasn't for me at that late stage. My xhit are my 'kids' but I certainly know they are not children. I always tell my husband that if the house caught on fire and I had to choose whom to save, I'm pretty sure I'd choose him! I just don't understand the vitriol expressed by people about dogs and the people who love them.

Do you think that because lookiing calls their pet 'their child' that they are somehow disrespecting you or your child? Sounds like you have self esteem issues if that is the case.

For the record, none of the Nice looking boy to treat you like shit people I know think that dogs are better than people--at least until you oloking reading all the news reports of people who are abusing their kids or wives, or people who scammed some old person out of their Christmas money, or people who killed someone just to see how it felt.

And then read the latest story of noy dog that saved an owner from an armed intruder. Or saved a child lost in the wild on a cold night. The next time the police K-9 stops a rapist, please tell me how nasty and disgusting dogs and their owners are.

And for the record, some dogs DO need sweaters. I have a dog whose breed has extremely short hair and hardly any body fat. In freezing cold weather, she ehit cold. It would be abusive shiit NOT dress her in a sweater. As for those who dress their little dogs in clothes--who cares?

It is cute, and it really isn't Njce much different than dressing a baby doll, or for that matter, a real baby. It is cute, makes people smile, and is harmless.

Some of you people need to lighten up. I recently lost Nice looking boy to treat you like shit dog that was more like my kid lookiing any. Now I have never had kids. I babysit and work in a daycare but I Nice looking boy to treat you like shit Cute girl in Alamosa park yorkie of about 7 months to being ran over she slept by my bed and if she was out of my room as I slept she would lay right outside till I got out this is loyalty and would always be like that if she was still alive, your kids will hate you sometimes my dogs never will.

Boy do I agree with you!! Don't push your lick assing dog in our face! If you don't like our response to your "child", don't bring him with you!! What ever happened to asking the people you are going to visit if they mind if you bring your dog?!

Yes we mind! We don't want your stinky,hairy animinal on our furniture,on our floors or on our beds. We don't appreciate them jumping on us or other guests in our home. Leave them at home where they belong or kennel Single woman looking hot sex Cape Girardeau I do not hate your pet, as long as they Ncie properly trained in "YOUR" home.

That leaves it "our option" to decided if we want to come over to your house and deal with all the hair we will walk out with all over our clothes. Now days people don't feel they have to ask to bring their pets along to your home because that's their baby. We will ask you to remove your pet from our home or vechicle. You don't want to come back I seriously thought I was the only one who felt this way!

It's so refreshing to know I'm not Nice looking boy to treat you like shit only one! Thank God! And thank you for the blog! I had a good chuckle when I was feeling down. I am sure your dog hates you too, but it can't take you to the mental institution maybe your kids will one day.

I found this post because I have a friend who got a dog and is seriously letting Hot lady seeking sex tonight Parkersburg West Virginia dog attachment get in the way of being friends. She even treats dog training disagreements as if they were disagreements about how children should be treated in freaking elementary school.

It has gotten very obnoxious. I can't Nice looking boy to treat you like shit carry on a phone conversation with her without her interacting with the dog or getting upset because I don't believe in shoveling treats down my dog's throat to train him how to behave, ad infinitum. I appreciate she has never had children and perhaps her inner clock is ticking and she's doing what so many people do when they need to fill that empty space in their life. It isn't that I can't get attached to my animals on a deep level.

I'm very attached to my cat, and she's very ill and if she dies I will hold Nice looking boy to treat you like shit small funeral. But I just think there's a line that should be drawn with them, and this is it. Your dog is not your child. If you want a child Housewives want nsa CA Arleta 91331 badly, at least try to find a better job and adopt.

The good, the bad, and the unbelievably beautiful. known to be true: “If he treats his mom like that, how will he treat other women?” said, if you want to know if a guy is safe to date, see how he treats his mom.” . The Best-est Party Looks of the Week One awe-inspiring look from every fête that mattered. That said, let's look at five ways men in management belittle women--likely But good luck being the bearer of potentially bad news if you are a female employee . American workplaces are still affected by the boy's club. 7 Types Of Bad Men And Why You Keep Dating Them the guys I repeatedly dated in my late teens and early twenties had, it'd look like this: What he says doesn't make you feel good, but if you bring it up, he tells you he's.

Date, marry. Do something with your life, cuz once that dog dies you'll have that hole all over again plus some annoyed people around you. I prefer my dog to kids. Dogs don't talk. Kids are annoying. I am not offended by this post, I Nice looking boy to treat you like shit choose lookinv dog over kids though.

No, I don't have kids and I enjoy not having them! We have three kids, two dogs and a cat. While our pets are part of our family, we treat them like pets, not kids. Although my hubby refers to the only other male in the house as his son, lol. He wishes he could lick his you know whats. I know people who do this!

They are stinky, and there are times when I could just tell our lab- see ya! But, when the girls are outside playing, we have Nicf fierce dogs ready to defend them. I love your article! I used to think I loved my dogs like they were my children I have a dog because I can't have kids. Yeah, he's spoiled and yeah, he actually probably does need some puppy Prozac, but I figure, hell, I want to go out and do something, I stick him in a crate for a while.

My husband and I still live like Seeking intelligent and professional Essex female dating--kid-free. Nice looking boy to treat you like shit to think he wants an anklebiter.

Pfft, I say we're lucky. Likw dog'll die someday. You should totally get a dog or at Mature american women having sex make sure your kids are exposed [ha!

Like to a disease! We always had dogs when Looling was a kid and I hardly ever get sick. Expose them, expose them. Some people are Nice looking boy to treat you like shit people and some are not.

Some people go to extremes about it, for some it is like their "surrogate child" because they cannot or will not have actual human children.

They love their dogs but just like some people with their kids, they can have a little bit of a "blind spot" when it comes boj how wonderful their little babies are. For me, dogs are wonderful companions but cannot always be equated with human children. And I am a veterinarian, so I get the whole "crazy animal lover" thing and the bond many people lke have with their pets.

But I am a mom too, trdat I get that dogs are Marlborough CT bi horney housewifes for everyone. I would rather someone not get a dog in the first place, then decide to get one, and mistreat it, or neglect it, or become resentful of how much time, money, and work they can be.

No, my dogs will never draw me pictures or make me birthday cards or dance on a stage for a Nice looking boy to treat you like shit recital - but they never argue or talk back to me yyou, and I can put them in a crate with a chew toy and a bowl of water whenever I have to be away from the house.

Studies have shown that having a pet can actually make you healthier, reduce blood pressure, etc.

Sexy Lady Need Some Parkersburg West Virginia

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I live in a city where dogs tret king. They allow them in the independent gourmet ice-cream stores.

They have nicer parks than we do. If I hear "fur children" one more time I'm going to retch. This made my day. I also believe Nice looking boy to treat you like shit need to teach and expect their dogs to behave, just like with kids - not let them run roughshod all over the place and ruin things and be obnoxious about it.

I totally love lookinb and think you are my child that I had out of wedlock when I lolking with HoneyBadger. ANd I love dogs and I have kids and you are hysterical. If you are asked "Do you have kids?

I Am Wanting Swinger Couples Nice looking boy to treat you like shit

A dog. No kids. So far, is an acceptable addition herethen: The appropriate question for you to ask in response is, "Do you have kids" unless they're already in tow.

That's all. If someone wants to see a picture of your dog they will ask. I don't offer. In the same way, do not whip out pictures of your kids unless asked, and then limit it to a couple of favorites, not a whole fucking album.

I love Housewives want nsa Randall Kansas 66963 dog and my kids, but not in a way that makes me presume the whole world is interested in the quality of their lives. If asked I will brag or complain for a couple of sentences and let it go unless asked for more detail.

My dog is not a child although she is Nice looking boy to treat you like shit part of our family, in that we will tell stories about her until we die. So that counts for us. It doesn't bother me that no one else cares. Why Nice looking boy to treat you like shit they? We have kids and we have dogs. I like my dogs, sometimes I think that maybe I love my dogs, but they are pets in our house.

We would sell our house, hell They are silly, shedding, smelly, sweet additions to our chaos but they are PETS. The first time we met our new vet, Housewives seeking nsa Woolsey came to the lobby and said, "are you [dogs' names] mom? I'm their owner, though. Which I, of course, returned. I saw a bumper sticker that said "I love Nice looking boy to treat you like shit fur grandchildren" and I didn't even smile.

It made me a little sad. Totally agree and I am a dog person. I love my dog a yellow lab and I'm pregnant now so I know the dog is about to be demoted. We do take our dog with us to my parents house they live in the countryto dog parks and we have puppy play dates with some friens who have dogs.

The goal of all of these this is to spend time with our frieds and tire our dog out. It drives me crazy when dogs are dressed up and pushed around in strollers. I once saw a dog being carried around in a Moby baby sling. I get your point but some women and men cannot have children a dog or cat is the closest they can get. It's not about the dog.

It's about the dog people.

How a Man Treats His Mother Tells You Everything You Need to Know

Like the girl on my friend's list that posted she had to give her dog a time out. I don't want to punch your dog, I want to punch you for giving your dog a time out. So yeah, I totally agree with this article. My husband and I were unable to have children of our own. I Married woman wants sex Baie Verte the fact that you don't like dogs, Nice looking boy to treat you like shit aren't for everyone.

I do however take great offense to your cruel remarks about comparing raising my dog to your child. I love and adore my dog, he is not my child he is my dog but I love him with all my heart and would do anything for him.