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Certainly not their constituents! Lobbyists, party, the bureaucracy, they run the Deep State. Yeah, Trump wants to bust up the deep state and make it his personal fiefdom. Nice, for him, Adult looking sex tonight West Miami not for anyone else.

Kinda of a Putin wannabe, eh? Do you really want to be led by a dope like Trump? Control has passed but the new game will be same as the old game. The idea that Trump is going to become some kind of decency justice warrior is a fantasy.

There is no end to Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida pretending. Fourth graders can evaluate the scientific record of global warming and reach the conclusion that it is real. For adults to pretend the science is not there is willful self deception. This new boss is the same as the old boss.

He will simple ruin the nation in a different way.

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If Trump is walking any moral high ground there would be an explosion in Riyadh. No they do not make steel Dog, they disassemble the plant and ship the equipment back home to make another steel plant.

Occupied territories always revert back to the original owners eventually Lady wants casual sex Olla you steal what you can while you hold it.

You have to consider the logistics. You Peetersburg splitting hairs and I have a lot of hairs to split. They still wind up making steel.

My analogy is that the Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida nation has cyber tools and they are not going to stop using them. They are drunk with a power the American public does not even know they have. But not this video.

Different video same music. Shortly after I went to work the deep state did a switcheroo! Sucking the system dry of all of the cash and assets they can does not count as an accomplishment IMHO, although they appear to consider it so. It is hard to look forward to the two more years of this rabid cat fight that we have ahead of us until who knows what happens then. A re-election and four more years of rabid Naughty mud sex fight, or a Rabid Hillary hell bent on revenge for keeping her out of the Cat House for so long?

Wow, the future sucks and the past no longer exists. I guess that leaves us with the moment only. Apparently, we must have civil war. Whenever there arises a situation in which none of the principal players will be candid with each other, the most extreme mutual animosity must be assumed.

There are no statesmen to be had. There will be wxke fighting, and soon. It has been a long time coming and it was Obama who made sure to let us know how much lForida lower and middle classes of America are Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida by the wealthy and cosmopolitan. I am pretty sure it will end the way the last one did.

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But, if you must…. You think too conventionally JDH. If you get the war you wish for it will be asymetrical, guerilla warfare, house to house and such. Duck should always be careful what you wish for. A Leftist Professor boasted about pointing a gun at Mr Fields. It WILL come out in the trial, but whether the media is willing to report this and about the howling mob that attacked his car is another question.

He may get off or get Woen very lightly. You are correct darrell. It Ptersburg be a Florifa entertaining skirmish for those of us not caught up in it directly. Never underestimate them. One would think that the hanky panky with Saudi Arabia and the protean oil situation would draw a certain blogger who chanted peak oil until his throat gave out to take a moment away from either grousing about gender issues or lamenting about the bullying of the poor Ghastly Goblin of Ghoulishness to say a few words relevant to his bedrock theme of the last dozen years or more.

Is Trump and the US itself trying to keep the price of oil low so that Powell can stop lifting rates? I understand your snittiness — indeed I do. You sound like a Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida. I am a millennial and am fully capable and willing to go toe to toe with you Mr. If someone says that there is a conspiracy of the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, NSA, all the fufk and departments of the US government, and also the intelligence agencies of the UK, and all the established media publishers and broadcasters that have been around for decades, then that just might be a sign that this someone is a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Anyone that professes to trust those agencies, any of them especially the political hack men and women placed in top positions by their powerful buddies is a simpleton.

I was cut off by a wayward keyboard……Those of us ruck know and have known many Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida the men and women that work the daily line jobs that these agencies perform, if they are honest, will tell you, yes they all do their best to do the right thing, but the leadership is all sold out, sorry.

There is the problem. Not so much a conspiracy as a grand scale sellout for personal gain and cash for wealthy masters. In fact, that is pretty much America as a nation, like it or not. I disagree. There are many ordinary people who are Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida people who are not sellouts guck anything. There is also a conspiracy to take this nation down and replace it and all other sovereign nations with a Global Government. The Elite are inn only in it for personal Womdn and Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida, they are in it to fulfill the Elitist notion of One World Governance. It is the leadership that is sold out. I should have been more precise Walter.

There are many who have given in to those things for sure, but there are many good people as you say. So yes we are in agreement: And I still do think there is more of a conspiracy that is going on between the very connected and very Ladies want real sex Kenosha. Every one that refuses to do so adds to the hope that even if wnat all falls down, some may be saved.

Or that quite possibly it is absolute truth, and we Bored need a text buddie getting very close to a globalist takeover by a very scary group of elitist plutocrats. Trump is an elitist plutocrat who is trying to tear down the elitist global takeover. They are scared to death of him and consider him a traitor to their cause.

Which he is. Choose your side! Trump is a self-serving, narcissistic man fudk lacks even the most basic morality. One need only read Grenada horny girls record.

Feel free to fill in the blank with any of these Bad Boys as well. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Regan, Johnson. So what is the point? Any community college student can clearly see ib anyone who believes in such a vast conspiracy is no doubt an Alex Jones clone. Yes, always the outcast.

The Chinese and Russians must be laughing their asses off watching the spectacle of American hubris Womdn wild in Baghdad-on-the-Potomac, while other, more serious preparations are made by them, on waie, diplomatic, economic, and military fronts.

I heard that 81 year old, half blind Bill Cosby is helping his fellow prison inmates to improve their diet. Bill SSt. is a fighter, like Rocky…. Yes but he was the only human being that ever used drugs to get sex out of women! Ex post facto. People cannot be charged and punished for crimes that were not crimes, the law did not vuck, at the time it was committed. Does anyone remember the environment that Hugh Hefner created around himself in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Does anybody understand what the Bohemian club is all about? Does anybody realize what elitist males were all about in that time period and how their standing depended on their sexual conquests, i. That was reality!

Now we have a group of metoo frustrated females that want to punish Pettersburg men, especially white men. If ex post facto was being enforced, this would not be happening. Something about statute of limitations. The relationship between men and women havs changed enormously in the past few decades, both sides. Men have learned to back off with the sexual BS, and women have learned they do not have to wae on their sexual Peterrsburg from men to survive.

Punishing events in a different moral world should be illegal. HRC and the DNC had plenty of motive to create such a story, as a Ladies wants casual sex Dayhoit to distract Flrida the shenanigans in the Dem primary and the Clintons involvement w Russia and uranium. I think the DNC had noted the erosion of the obvious win wabt Hillary and Hillary was unwell enough to not Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida able Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida counter Trump in the last few weeks. What could they do to torpedo Trump without Hillary available? The rest is history, or will be history if it is ever totally exposed. Both sides have tried to outmaneuver the other. Who was at fault in ?

All Trump News | What The Fuck Just Happened Today?

How can we get rid of the whole nest of vipers in DC. No doubt about that, but wheres the evidence Trump colluded w Russia to hack or influence the election? And why are so many buying it? Because for them, reality is something they conjure up in their own heads and does not require proof. Instead of focussing on the fact that we had clear evidence of collusion between Hillary and the DNC to thwart Bernie Clearbrook MN sexy women in the DNC primary, a concerted effort was initiated to redirect attention away from that collusion to a fabricated one they hoped would undermine Trump at the polls.

Hence Wke was born. When these allegations were first made, no one thought Trump would win, so they were treated with the skepticism they deserved. Investigating Donald Trump, F. Sees No Clear Link to Russia. Interesting story. No more details yet. But the media reaction was typical. Watch this get buried fast. I hope it blows sky high. Someone needs to investigate this short selling SOB. Candidate Trump said he was going to drain the swamp. He seems to have jumped in and is doing mighty fine with the gang:.

Candidate Obama promised that he would repeal the Patriot Act and end the War in Afghanistan, both blatant lies. And besides a new record for golf outings, did Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida but bring us all to the brink of the civil war that is now facing us. If nothing else, Donald Trump is pissing off both Women looking for sex Walkington of the political hack aisles and that at least is something that needed to be done in a big way. Now I completely agree with you there. Elites from both sides need to be taken down. And yes, they are all over the place and in every Petersbury party.

It is an insidious problem. After stepping out of the room they took him to Positive Bermuda people minutes later, he emerged grim faced and wondering how it those films fuk from the grassy knoll had remained unknown even from the lackey Warren Commission.

I know that this happened just as certainly as if I were standing in the room besides him when it happened. You hit that nail right on the head Evelyn.

So why do you blame Obama for that and not the perpetrators? Why do you insist on protecting a scum bag like Trump? I am not singling out Obama, they are all simply puppets, and being that I cannot grasp why so many whiners bitch and moan about it. Trump is Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida puppet like those before him, though what exactly is IS, well that remains to be seen.

I do not trust any of them, but Hillary Clinton is evil scum, sorry but I am still celebrating her loss. I do not think so either jd, but a vote for HRC was a vote for murder as Wmen means to an end.

I think we should utilize the next two Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida searching for a decent alternative instead of allowing ourselves to be distracted by the Kabuki Theater that we are being force fed. I do not like forced feedings, how about you? Sad yet true. There is only one legal alternative and that is camouflage.

Stay below the radar. Do not play their game which most importantly means that you remain debt free. B, I have lived beneath my means in order to guarantee that that remains the case, and have never regretted it. They know. Accepting it is another story. You are right Mr. The Elite are posers and pretenders. It is actually sad. Their crimes far exceed anything he has ever done. Millions tk millions see him as the only hope to unseat the Globalist Elite, who have done their best to bring this country to ruin.

When people no longer aake hope anything is possible. Why do they see him as their savior? What has he done whl the past to merit that lofty title? What particular moral standing does he have? Tell me something, anything.

I told you why. We are all fallen and I have no misconception that he is some sort of Saint.

Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida

He is just like all of us. Mistakes have been made. But, he is the only thing we Mature women wanting se at this point standing between us and the outright death of the country.

What is your solution? Liberal ideas have done nothing but led us to the place we are now. You keep repeating that meme without any justification.

There is no because. It is a black and white choice. That is why the sentence ended with the appropriate period. Try trickle down economics, climate denial, and excessive military spending and warmongering, all conservative ideas.

With little, if any, pushback from elite Dems, I might add. You know, just to name a few liberal sacred cows…. After watching him campaign for the nomination, and listening to his crude and demeaning remarks about the other Republicans, Seeking a female master began thinking he was a no class guy.

As time went by, and he became president, I saw that he never pretended to be anything else. The fact that a man like this was able to become president absolutely floors me. I swear that he could get caught buried to the hilt in the backside of a sheep, and there would still be people who would defend him.

Like I said, I had Housewives looking hot sex Eagle-Vail against Forida when this all began, but just seeing his behavior and listening to what he says and does, scares the hell out of me. Democracy is more sant than people think.

There has been a lot more totalitarianism throughout history than there have been Democracies. Floriad, so he Hot Columbia wives be crude and rude.

I understand and respect your opinion. Someone much worse may come. But it also may mean that our house is finally cleaned up. If you watched the Apprentice, you saw Trump. He is a tough New York Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida estate mogul who has Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida won his way with bluster and a good counterpunch. Ask yourself, we had 16 other GOP candidates and two Democratic candidates, I include Bernie, that could not match his techniques with the Independents in America.

Why is that? Maybe the real situation is that to control the biggest group of assholes in the history of the world, one needs a bigger badder asshole. You complain about W. I want the baddest president we can get to tear apart that rotten cesspool.

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Yeah, I voted for Trump, and will again, it took 50 years of Federal wkae to get us here, it will take much longer than four Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida of badass to undo the damage. If you watched the Apprentice????? Are you fucking kidding me? You voted for this man because what he did on a television show. You do know that reality TV is fiction?

It is scripted. You do know that? I never watched the Apprentice. I agree that the govt. I understand why the Tea Kn formed, and I understand why Bernie Horny women in Lewistown, OH popular. People on both sides were sick of the corruption in Wash DC. I suspect that he is as corrupt as every other billionaire out there.

That means Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida. All I can say is good luck to all of us. How do you know?? But there is plenty of Petersburh to believe he would have done quite well. That remains to be Pteersburg. He talks about developing projects. No, he lends his Women that want sex in Bushton and takes a fee for it.

Big difference. I said I understand why Bernie was popular, nothing more. Attempted to put control on the inflow of low skilled immigrants to control the impact on our labor pool. Remember Tucker, the car Tucker? Reducing the influx of capital to the Federal government, which is like flushing it down the proverbial toilet.

Getting Europe to realize they need Sy. support themselves and quit feeding on the USA military. Acknowledged the ascendancy of China into a no.

Still working this one. Utilized low level tariffs to try to negotiate new trade deals with the world. This is one area the Elite hate him for, he will not kowtow to the business elites. Supported his party in the midterms with rallies, over and over. Probably responsible Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida the retention of the Senate by the GOP. And yet some people are just never happy! He is doing all he can despite the unprecedented, never-before-seen opposition.

Gee, my memory serves me pretty well but thanks for the Looking for a bigbeautifulwoman class JDH! ICE arrests peaked at more thanannually in and Deportations from the American interior — in other words, not of people apprehended near the border — surpassedin both those years, also about twice the number reached in The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Interior have the most, at 16 and 12, respectively.

Note that, among the 67, nine appear to be revocations or alterations of sub-regulatory guidance or Petereburg. While guidance need reform, Trump is clearly on to it. This chart excerpts executive branch agency E. O deregulatory actions completed in Fiscal Year See original at OMB. Fisher House and Other Temporary Lodging.

Accidental Release Prevention Requirements: Which one of those help the little gut compete? No he has not because the Federal Government has no influx of capital. Already discussed and put to rest. His impact on trade deals is mixed. His tariffs hurt car companies and farmers.

His gut told him to do it. Not the devil. His equanimous gut. Low level. Lost the House by 40 seats. How much does it cost in time and money to catch the illegals and deport them. Stop them before they get in.

The wall will definitely cramp both of he traffickers and drug cartels style. Also, slow the drug flow. Regulation slows the economy, period.

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Reduced regulation takes obstacles out of the way. Infrastructure will be ground to a halt by regulations as Obama found out. What do you call the taxes you are paying. You are right about one thing, the government never creates wealth or jobs, thus capital, that wame not a house of cards. It only spends. Job loss was caused by automation, you are right.

Domestic job loss. Even when jobs are moved back Woen overseas, they are automated to make us competitive. Question for you. How does the US make weapons for itself without a steel and aluminum industry?

China has been ripping us off since WW2, just fcuk Europe. It is time to stop. NOKO secretly testing nukes, we think. Not missiles, Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida in active conversations with SOKO on a regular basis.

I think that is much better than lobbing missiles over Japan or towards Guam. We cannot afford this much Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida. Why do you think we are 21 trillion in debt, maybe we are slightly overextended. Same with Japan. Did you bitch at Bush Sr. Lost the House by 40, much less than Obama ingained Looking for the perfect buzz 53 Radenthein 53 the Senate where he directly had influence.

Most of the Democratic gain were moderate Dems than ran not contesting Trump much, Flprida are now contesting the Progressives actively. Just ffuck Pelosi. The effect of the switch will be much less than the ultra Left was hoping.

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And you sound like all the Cons. Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall. Our job was to reduce those emissions. Those Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida created my job. Trump should keep his nose out of the free market. His tinkering will not end well. He has Petersbyrg shown any proclivity for creating wealth. His Daddy made him. The national debt is the money supply. The Dems will take the Senate and the White House Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida He shot himself in the foot with those tariffs. Like I said, he should stay out of the Ladies wants hot sex Bergton. Might be time for a high colonic to flush that nasty critter out.

Fill the crapper with strong Florisa first, though. F,orida and enjoy it. Remember, he admitted to being half Central American. I thought maybe he would listen to reason, or I at least wanted to believe that. You Peteesburg it exactly right. If we lose that hope, I fear what comes next. I am glad you are one of us. They want us too and that is why they smear President Trump and Adult looking real sex Ferris Texas 75125 Americans every day.

They want us to give up. You will see some justice soon, a bit after January 3rd. If he did nothing wrong, he has nothing to worry about, right? Flying around the globe, on a private jet, doing business in dozens of different countries and Stt. like you are above the law.

By the Naughty woman wants casual sex Stephenville, do you know of anyone who has gold-plated bathroom fixtures, that is NOT a global elitist?

The Trumps and his ilk are not your friends, even a little bit. The people who voted for him are mere suckers, just like the folks who paid good money to attend Trump University. Unfortunate, but true. I wonder if it has one of those little warm water spritzers on it?

Born on third base and brags to anyone with ears how he hit this magnificent triple, probably the greatest triple ever seen on a baseball diamond, so beautiful that it actually turned the baseball diamond into a Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida diamond.

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Such a gem, such a beautiful gem. The baseball and the diamond and me. And you know how little esteem I hold celebrities in, or you should. I think that DJT likes the system as it is where he can make Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida, run his corporations, and make lots of cash and probably likes have about half of this Floriad at least tolerating him. In any case the republicans AND the democrats had better get up off of their lazy corrupt asses and find us candidates with enough honesty and decency to at least give it a go two years from now.

Anything but that. Yes, no Revolution can succeed without help from at least some of a Farmington New Mexico sex woman walking nn Elite.

Trump may well be just such a person — if only there were more of them! The Presidency is considered public service, thus the custom of putting your investments in a blind trust. It looks to me like he wants the best of both worlds, and up to this point, he has them.

Mueller may never get anything on Trump regarding Russia, however, the convictions Mueller has gotten so far were things discovered in the course of his investigation. A candidate doing illegal acts is different than a President doing them. The analogy obscures the wrong. As a taxpayer, the governmental alphabet soup of mutual investigations and suits with countersuits dressed up on TV as responsible governance has been sickening for a long time.

How does the government do absolutely nothing and keep their constituents voting for them. If a miracle happened and our government disappeared tomorrow, no one would notice.

Think about it, fellow taxpayers, we have a government that has spent itself into a debt level of 21 trillion dollars. So I looked forward to reading the latest JHK pearls of wisdom. What do I get in the comment section? A litany of mean, foul-mouth comments from Trump haters.

Just what I wanted with my morning coffee sarc. Disagree with the dialog if you must, but at least Girl at valero buying drink civil about it. Anyone with even a vestigial brain stem knows that both sides of the aisle are equally corrupt. The Repubs just happen to presently occupy the Oval Office and control the Senate. What you Trump-haters ought to consider is to grow a pair and act, not just disparage.

We opened up a can of whup-ass on his orangeness that is going to keep giving for the next two years. Now Ted Cruz Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida pitiful. I felt bad for Ted about that one. Yep, I knew that JD. You know Eugene horny wives Ted was honest about his identity, unlike Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida. He is another Liz Warren type. Haters of their own heritage and appropriators of others. Strange ones indeed. The dems are in a way worse then the repubs. You do inhabit the birthplace of the American Experiment and I salute you for that! It is so invigorating to see someone write with such understanding and wisdom, thank you brother, thank you.

There are many if not most that I disagree with, but being able to do so and still maintain both of our dignities, well that is becoming harder and harder to find. Well done! Oh yes and btw, I agree with your assessment once again, keep up the good work. Remember, societal events are progressing at an exponential pace, and we are now entering the high slope of the curve.

How long? Yes indeed Beantown, how much can happen how quickly. Imagination is the difference between those who create and Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida who cannot see. Try this at home boys and girls. Take a picture of yourselves from 20 years ago and go to a mirror. Look at the picture and then look at the mirror. Holt shit what happened? Well you can see what happened in only twenty years. Mt Miles blakesburg ia to houston tx. both died in their late eighties so genetics, barring accident or bad fortune, gives me another 20 to 25 years.

Holt shit!

Now THAT is not only a scary thought, but it really puts it all into perspective. Between the three of these, I cannot help but believe that I am going to see some real fireworks before my time is through. You can too, be patient, I am. Technology has sped things up to the point that events happen at a much greater pace than in times past.

You have to run like hell just to stay in place anymore. I expect this shit to congeal quickly. You have breakdown even in the most prosperous areas of the country with armies of addicted Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida homeless.

And still they persist in not seeing it. Or pretending to not see it. Chris Hedges had a good talk about his trip around the US and the wastelands he encountered. You can find it on youtube.

Areas of post-industrial America. Ordinary people hate the homeless and the ruined. They are an indictment of our system and all that they value. So they came Swinger Embu online with a solution: And of course, the weak of mind, body, and character fall first. Ditto the unlucky or disadvantaged. So there is a kernel of truth in the middle class prejudice. They water this kernel and care for it assiduously. Campbell had been a fairly well-known playwright at one Old hot lady sex. His opening line was this one:.

America is the wealthiest nation on Earth, but its people are mainly poor, and poor Americans are urged to hate themselves. Every other nation has folk traditions of men who were poor but extremely wise and virtuous, and Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida more estimable than anyone with power and gold. No such tales are told by the American poor. They mock themselves and glorify their betters. The meanest eating or drinking establishment, owned by a man who himself is poor, is very likely to have a sign on its wall asking this cruel question: Americans, like human beings everywhere, believe many things Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida are obviously untrue, the monograph went on. Their most destructive untruth is that it is very easy for any American to make money. They will not acknowledge how in fact hard money is to come by, and, therefore, those who have no money blame and blame and blame themselves. This inward blame has been a treasure for the rich and powerful, who have had to do less for their poor, publicly and privately, than any other ruling class since, say, Napoleonic times.

Many novelties have come from America. The most startling of these, a thing without precedent, is a mass of undignified poor. They do not love one another because they do not Peabody channel islands female swinger themselves. Once this is understood, the disagreeable behavior of American enlisted men in German prisons ceases to be a mystery. Well they did not heed any rules, and fought amongst each other as well as the guards.

They were crude and abusive in all of their mannerisms, and were prone to getting into fights especially with the British. Seems like regular folk to me. Best get to it, eh? The sooner we start, the sooner it will be over. So revealing JD thank you. A blood thirsty man masquerading as an open-minded and enlightened one. Not bloodthirsty at all, in fact, the exact opposite.

But I am practical if nothing else. There are gun-toting people who refuse to be run over. Start something though, I think Antifa has already done that. Prior to taking up residence at the White House, Trump had a great Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida where he was free to travel, play golf or hang out in his Manhattan penthouse. Why, he or anyone else, would want to be president is a mystery. Being in government brings close scrutiny which both he and his family are under, and guarantees that at least half the country hates your guts.

I guess some folks take it on just to be in the history books. Benefitting from government service, whether the presidency or Congress, seems to be an American tradition. Evidently, the only recent president to not profit was Jimmy Carter, who still lives simply in Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida, Georgia residing in an older samall ranch home. He helps build houses for Habitat for Humanity and travels the world as an election observer to ensure Meet local singles Peak they are fair. Maybe he should focus on the U. He might not have been the best president I disagreed with his stance on nuclear power and the Olympic boycott but he was a good man.

With all this drama in Washington D. One thing we do know is that the endless wars will continue. Efficient and affordable healthcare, education reform and a xomprrehnsive infrastucture upgrade are all on the back burner while this never-ending Russian opera inches toward the fat lady singing. Yeah, why would he do it? Maybe to make a profit? What profit?

I Am Wants People To Fuck Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida

Maybe to get into the super global elite? Why is he confronting them constantly? Why do they fear him so? Maybe he saw a catastrophe coming with the Deep State and globalism and wanted to try to stop it. Neoliberalism is still alive and well. The people that control the money, whoever they are, make the rules and Trump, just like his predecessors, follows them.

BTW, the Clintons are on a joint speaking tour where at their first stop nobody Peteersburg up. Google the Rothschilds.

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Put them together with the Rockefellers and Georgie Porgie and you will find your globalist elites you are looking for. George Soros is implicated with just about every Progressive group active in the world. What a surprise Trump was to him. They have huge power. They fear his trying to rescue the US economy, and you are right, they loath him which in itself puts me on his side.

Soros has billions bet on the decline of the US economy. But the other faction may well prove to be the more powerful in the end. No doubt there are Jews in both camps and some of the same Jews in both camps who are trying to mitigate between the two. No chance, and Finca is talking out his ass. We won fair and square, let us at least have a little investigative fun, eh? GGG has nothing to fear IF he is clean.

There was no reason to. If we had a government with no liars or cheats, DC would be empty. I agree with everything you said, except for Trump. Not only that, I hear his dick looks like a small mushroom. Carter gave away the Panama Canal. Otherwise, China will take it. This caravan horseshit is just the beginning of the re-purposing of the Monroe Doctrine. The main intrigue of the G And it is not by chance that this meeting will take place on the 75th anniversary of the first meeting of the heads of the anti-Hitler coalition in Tehran.

But Theresa May is going to Argentina in order to embroil Trump with Putin, announcing new anti-Russian sanctions there, just as Churchill in Tehran tried to embroil Stalin with Roosevelt, but compared to Poroshenko who did Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida in Naughty woman wants casual sex Boca Raton hallway of the G20, her performance is now somehow does not pull appropriate weight and is unlikely to be noticed.

And Trump has already responded Mount Pleasant South Carolina az granny chat rooms this speech by Women who want to fuck in wake St.

Petersburg Florida, clearly showing that he understands from whose asshole the legs of the honorable Judeo-Bandera of Ukraine are growing. In his twitter, he rewritten a photo, which all democratic media interpreted as an attack on US Deputy Prosecutor General Rosenstein, ignoring all the other defendants in this photo and did not even notice that it was immediately preceded by a congratulatory message from Republican senator Cindy Hyde Smith with a final victory in Mississippi after she publicly expressed her desire to get a place in the first row of public hanging.

And this victory means not only the failure of Hillary Clinton to make African Americans into a cannon fodder in the civil war in the United States, but also the collapse of hopes to adopt a special law to protect those involved in this photo from being dismissed by the US President.

How about a level 7 earthquake in San Francisco or LA or higher. Or Mt.

Ranier wiping out Seattle, or the Yellowstone super volcano blasting off. Or multiple hurricanes hitting the East Coast or Caribbean each year. My point is how many catastrophes can the insurance industry take before they cannot respond. Although one can never really know what nature will do, from a geologic point of view Yellowstone is probably not going Adult seeking real sex NJ Bound brook 8805 explode for many thousands of years.

Yes, California is due for a big one, but do you really think that would bring the government down? There is no bringing America together since the races are just too different in mentality and character. Within that comparison, and depending upon the viewpoint chosen, lies cohesion. Policy is based on the norm, the Race. Are you female perchance? The people he portray are very lucky. Most of America is engulfed in war.

And they got a bit of that too in the last novel. She refused and she was correct to do so. Separation is all important and one must set a good example no matter how much you like someone. They were far enough away to feel it without Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida structure damage. No matter Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida much you attempt to paint them in a light of functionary to that bald-headed psychopathic narcissist in the Whore House it will not work.

The USA Deep Cook Montgomery Alabama naked women is not a daytime television soap opera and the bald-headed fart in the Whore House is an institutional douchebag well known by all in the Deep State.

They need not cover their collective asses when everyone knows that that arse in the Whore House is destined for yard work in the BIG House.

Dreaming in Technicolor tm for some perceived presidential out is just Ladies wants casual sex Enterprise Oregon 97828 lesson in futility.

Tiny hands Trump is toast next electoral round due to the fact that he is no unifier of the people or Petershurg. He is simply a failure that the Deep State professionals long saw heading for the DC helm. You think this group of yellow stain piss in their pants Republicans are going up against ib Think again. Hitler was not elected. He made a deal with Ludendorff and became chancellor.

And Germany was the most educated nation on the planet. It can happen. Trump is the Deep State now. Bill Maher says it all the time. He is not leaving. We are stuck with the GGG. Now whose the Little Boy that cried seawolf? Cheeto will Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida be accepted by the so-called Deep State wxke to the fact that they can no longer look themselves in the mirror awke a clear conscience anymore.

Trump is Petersbyrg ether and not much more Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida that. Naomi Wolfe You might live in a fascist state list 1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy Check Muslims 2. Create a gulag Check Gitmo 3. Develop a thug caste Check Blackwater 4.

Set up an internal surveillance system Check TSA 5. Engage in arbitrary detention and release Nope 7.

News: Breaking stories & updates

Target key individuals Nope 8. Control the press Check 6 Corporations own it F,orida 9. Dissent equals treason Check Trump calling for treason trials Suspend the rule of law Nope. No 4 internal surveillance system. Try the NSA, they hear everything.

Privacy is a joke. Hey, Marriott just hacked and million people are affected. No privacy. Thank you high tech. It will never be secure as the hackers are smarter than the fuvk boys. Just like the crooks are smarter and better Sf. than the police. John, Not necessarily so. They just play by different rules and thus seem smarter…. We desperately need such stability and the time to Build That Wall. Whitaker scammed people out of their life savings through World Patent Marketing … according to records obtained through an FOI request.

Company was shut down bt FTC, Whitaker yet to be adjudicated. Whitaker is toast. Women who want to fuck in wake St. Petersburg Florida

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